School Assignment No.1

With the close of the semester comes a big (huge) (monstrous) sigh of relief. After countless hours, weeks, alright months spent on project after project, all the hard work has paid off in the culmination of making it through the final portfolio cut -- guyzzzzzz, I get to continue studying Communication Design! Woohoo!

It's relieving and stressful all at once, but I'm soaking up winter break like it's my last breath before another plunge into the briny, class-filled future. I've been looking through projects from the semester and decided (through the kind prodding of a friend) to post a few pieces I created for classes. 

This one was titled Evocative Type, and my classmates and I were each assigned an unique person or place. Mine randomnly happened to be Buckingham Palace, and after some careful research (thanks google) and an informative documentary or two, I came upon the beautiful world of 18th century typography. 

The vintage 18th century look played into the history of the location and Buckingham Palace's architectural style, so I pursued the theme and eventually came upon some examples of vintage typography for reference material. With illustrator, I drew each letter individually and built this very bold type to mimic the blockiness of the structure and the outer facade. 

Initial drawings:

 photo BUCKINGHAM copy_zpszfkfjyvo.jpg
 photo Buckingham_zpsx8kxprnu.jpg

Final piece:

 photo Final3Palace_zpszzjn9rod.jpg

Through the guidance of my teacher and critiques, I modified the decorative swashes for the final piece and added some framing as well. Overall, I was happy with the final outcome and learnt so much while designing it. 

Cheers! (as the British say)

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