Hiking box canyon.

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After all of our hiking at Yellowstone, we got back to Idaho and finished off the trip with one last trek to Box Canyon. There was a crystal clear, dazzlingly blue freshwater spring at the bottom of the canyon which was ice cold. By far the coldest water I have ever had the courage to dunk myself in, but it was completely worth it. 

I wish there was a spot like this in Dallas I could ran away and escape to in 106 degree weather. It's a bummer we don't have freshwater pools just lying around, but at least my memories can take me back to days like these and days even farther back in Hawaii, in an attempt to satisfy myself. 

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The selfie to prove we were wet and really did swim. photo IMG_7022 copy_zpso0txjvjm.jpg
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My face. Ugh.
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  1. All the places you go look so beautiful, I'd love to travel more!

    Edie x

    1. Thanks, Edie! Hope you get to travel sometime soon, then!

  2. kimco, we were in Idaho, hahahaha! Utah would be much more pretty. these pics are nice though. where ever you go fishing in TX will be pretty too

    1. forever mixing up important life facts. getting on editing that asap. ;)

  3. This Place is like the place of my dreams!!! Oh my heavens!!! The water is so clear i want to jump in!

    I love love love love love love love (can i say love one more time??) all these shots Kimmy! They are just exquisite!

    P.s.....the shot of all of your smiling faces made me choke and shed a few tears....miss you all so

  4. My goodness, Kimberly - why must your photos and words always make me want to travel??!! Love your gorgeous, sharp and clear photographs and flowing words. xx

  5. I dare say, I'm related to the best looking bunch of people. I love everything that's here! Gaaaahhhh!!! Take me with you next time, pretty please!
    the bumble.e

  6. Awesome! :) (and lovely!) I still have very clear (-and cold) memories of when I had to wash my hair in a icy stream in WY. eheh. :)

  7. YOUR FACE IS BEAUTIFUL. And these photographs are something special. It looks like you guys had an awesome time!! I've never heard of Box Canyon before, but wow -- it's gorgeous.


  8. ^^ SO MUCH AGREE WITH MY SISTER YOUR FACE IS GORGEOUS GIRLIE THE END. And it looks like I missed soo many posts that I shall have to go back and read because this trip you guys went on sounds spectacular! And your photography is stunning. That water is so beautiful and clear. I can imagine it was pretty chilly!


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