Camping in a thermal minefield.

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It's blurry to me how this dream-like adventure even commenced. A few passing words about wanting to visit Nathan in Idaho, a daydream of camping in the summer, googling National Parks. Looking into the past, the most surprising revelation of it all was how doable this trip was -- for someone who stresses out as much as I do. It took a few phone call planning-sessions, a couple date nights with google maps, and simply going for it.

The more days, weeks, months, years, that go by, I am struck continually with possibilities and opportunities I can choose to pursue or not, if I'm only willing to gather up the gumption to leap for it, work hard for it, or not be scared. Other times, it feels like life's possibilities are narrowing down, disappearing, falling away. Dreams and castles built up from childhood begin to look like a play dough doll houses for ants when real life kicks in. Foolish, childish, and totally impractical.

As we were skimmed through hundreds of miles of Idaho farmland in the wee morning hours, meandered up rocky hills of Targhee National Forest, were awed by the Grand Tetons, and hiked through the rugged and mysterious terrain of Yellowstone, dreams felt more possible then the have in a while.

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hiking the grand canyon of yellowstone left me breathless (and not just because I'm terribly unfit)
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what you cannot see is the pungent sulfur smell (be grateful)
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the most active thermal area in the world is around old faithful and all these colorful, churning, bubbling pools
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The hike we went on here allowed us to perch on the left side of this falls, directly above it, unbarred, as opposed to the people on the opposite side. Such a dizzying view is one I will not soon forget.

I am privileged to have siblings I love spending time with, who are willing to travel, camp, and simply spend every moment together. Michael and I have missed our other third who has been far away working for the past year, and getting to experience this together was the sweetest part of it all.

Whisperings of a future trip were passed around, where it will be, I've no conjectures, but if it renews and refreshes my spirit so much as this one did, anticipation is already bursting from me.

Where has your summer taken you?


  1. these pics are awesome sis. no idea how you do it. its all so grand in retrospect (and with a full stomach). love you

    1. Happy you like the shots! It was thhheee beeessstt of times.

  2. Love love love as always. Your words are perfectly intertwined with your beautiful photographs.. I want to get my inspiration book out and write down all your eloquently-poised sentences.

    In South Australia, we are on the brink of spring (oh how I detest winter and crave summertime!). This post makes the anticipation for summer all the better. xxx

    1. Wait, you have an inspiration book and you want to write MY words in it. Biggest. Compliment. Ever.

      It's so funny how the seasons are reversed in north & south hemispheres... Jealous you're transitioning into summer as we transition out of it ;)

  3. the place looks really amazing! i love how traveling - whether it's near or far, can make us look at life from a different perspective.

  4. What a place! Blown away!

  5. These pictures are so so stunning!

    Edie x

  6. If I had to choose, I'd pick the color of that sapphire pool to be my absolute favorite! The hues are perfectly combined and make me wanna water color something (this is stupendous as I have only water-colored once before). Ecstatic that you got to go with the bro's, hike and camp! I wanna go where the wild things are!!!
    Other then finals, I'm going to visit Grandma and the OR fam-bam. Lub you :*
    the bumble.e

    1. Those pools were truly beautiful, and they were all SO hot. Steaming, bubbling, with minerals bursting from every corner. It was bizarre. Hope your visit goes well, and you get some good family time! Love you, bumble.e

  7. "The more days, weeks, months, years, that go by, I am struck continually with possibilities and opportunities I can choose to pursue or not, if I'm only willing to gather up the gumption to leap for it, work hard for it, or not be scared." < GAWD, how this rings so true for me. It's amazing because I've been thinking about this so much recently: you will never know until you ask -- and asking can make amazing things fall into place. I don't know how it works, really, I'm just a humble explorer in this strange land of semi-grown-up life. heh.
    THESE PICTURES THO. jeepers, you have some brilliant skills, girl. I adore that shot of your victory pose on top of the mountain -- priceless. That is so awesome that you and your sibs get together and do stuff like this. ♥ gah. Seeing these photos makes me really want to go back to Yellowstone and the other parks (aren't I vague) -- haven't been there since I was 5 years old, so I barely remember how stunning it was. Also buffaloes. <3 Dang, I miss the wild west.


    1. Asking definitely has a lot to do with the process, as well. I feel like we're all just figuring out life as we go, which is beautiful and strange and utterly baffling.
      Maybe someday you'll get to go back there and take even better photos than me! It's such an interesting place. Thanks for all the kind words, abbie!

  8. Sounds (and looks!) like an awesome time! Also, the words in this post really struck home... x

  9. this is so so sweet. this kind of thing is exactly what i want to do all over the world. this summer i went to europe (austria and hungary), and i will say it only made the urge to travel stronger. love these photos! the one of you hiking the canyon is my very favorite. you are so cute.

    xx, rn

  10. Dreammmmmy....mmmm
    I love how the bubbling pots are like the perfect ombre watercolor.....these pictures are like straight out of a magazine, i have to remind myself that ya'll where actually there taking these wonderful shots....enjoying the wonderful sights!!


  11. Beautiful pictures! :)

    http://itsbeatan.blogspot.com/ <3


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