Comfy clothes and scary shoppers.

shirt: free people // jeans: altar'd state // shoes: steve madden

I have never seen someone scoop up so many tablets at once (my thoughts as a lady balanced nearly seven or eight of them in her arms). Black Friday is not something I jumped at participating in the past few years, but this year Michael and I finally decided to give it a try. And I must say, Wal-Mart can get a little scary what with officers and red tape. You really have to be aggressive to get what you want, but thankfully, since there was nothing I really wanted, I got to observe the madness from a safe distance. We left Wal-Mart with a modest Christmas wreath while most people walked out with plasma TVs and tablets. Rather comical, if you ask me. I think our cashier agreed.

I hate to say it, but sign me up for online shopping over that any day. Saving money in the comfort of my own home sounds like a fantastic deal.

Other than those after-holiday festivities, though, we have been decorating the house with Christmas cheer and bundling up with blankets to protect from the cold. There's something about wearing comfy sweaters and boots that makes me happy.


  1. yesyesyesss. this post and your outfit (and your thoughts concerning black friday) are just perfect. xxx

  2. I LOVE this sweater! Cute blog girl!

    1. Thanks, Stephanie! I checked out your blog, and it's beautiful! Love your outfit posts. :)


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