Plaid plaid plaid. And crafts.

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Even though I only work part time, every day off feels like I hit the jackpot. And what would I do to de-stress other then do some arts and crafts? I mean, let's get real. So although it took a few trips to surrounding stores, I managed to find the perfect piece of wood at home depot (it was 45 cents, so I say winning!), a few nails, and string, and I was able to make my very own, handy-dandy jewelry organizer. So rather then having all of my jewelry all over the bathroom counter in a tangled pile, it's pretty. I'm also thinking of buying some vases or glass bottles to organize my bracelets on. But all in good time. Do you guys have any special ways to organize your jewelry? I looked on pinterest a good deal to get ideas, and although I'm digging the whole antler-organizer thing, I think it'll take some hunting (no pun intended) through antique stores to find them.

Side note: with moving, working, and applying to a new school, I apologize for my lack of blogging. But I do miss it and think of it often. And shall not give up. So have patience with my monthly posts.


p.s. the shopping has not ceased. enjoy.


  1. Plaid......um yeah.....Texas has rubbed off on you.... in the best sense of course...

    I feel such a sense of wilderness...open plains.....native-ness....earthy.....strength....character....

    Love Love Kisses and Hugs...

    1. Oh dear, I hope Texas isn't rubbing off too much. Though an occasional "ya'll" then and again has been slipping out lately. Help.

  2. You are so adorable :) Love the outfit and the jewelry organizer! That's quite clever. I might have to try something like that :D

  3. so glad to have stumbled across your blog, lady!

    timothy + ariana

  4. i'm kinda all sorts of obsessed with that leather bag. and that jewelry organizer looks similar to the one I made! although I just used a thicker branch/stick and some twine. totally rad.

  5. um, wow. can i please be you? you are so cute and your clothes are amazing.
    also, why are you switching schools!?

    xo, rn

    1. Ahahaha, you're too sweet! And I recently moved, so I get to deal with transferring to a different school and all that "fun" stuff.

    2. as in moved from Hawaii? or...?

      edit: oh my gosh you did. like. wow! i'm seriously speechless! did you just move closer to relatives? or were you guys just down there for a job or something? sorry if it's personal, i totally don't mean to sound pushy, but i'm just so surprised! and that's a huge move, wow!

  6. You are so inspiring and creative. :) I love how you make your own pretty things.

    1. Thank you, Pammie! Love you and miss you, girl!

  7. Love this idea!! Also, been looking through your posts and love your boho style!!

    Hope you'll enter my L'Occitane giveaway: http://withlovefromkat.com/fall-beauty-must-haves-with-loccitane-divine-body-oil-cream-collection/

    xo Kat

  8. i love that idea, i've seen those you can buy but making it sounds way better

  9. Lovely outfit and jewellery organiser. My jewellery is pretty much just tangled up in one cute looking box ;)

    The Life of Little Me

  10. Darling,

    you're adorable. Also, I've been missing you like the dickens. Also, it's 2:11 A.M and I just drank coffee. Ehm.

    Your way too artsy-crafty for my poor little un-craftful soul, but I shall admire from afar (literally). That jewelry organizer is gorgeous and seriously professional. I love it. And that plaid shirt makes me want to pinch your cheeks. You're a babe, dear girl.

    I miss you, I miss you.

  11. these crafts are AMAZING. i love that jewelry hanger!!


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