Piles and piles of clothes.

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It seems that as of late, my life has been positively overtaken with clothes both materially and mentally. I have been reduced to dreaming of clothes lately both day and at night. For the past month (goodness, how time flies!) I have been working at a clothing store which has inevitably brought out the shopaholic in me--along with the revelation that I have a fetish for navy, pink, beige, and florals. Something which became painfully obvious while photographing my purchases. 

However, taking a step back from school has been refreshing and learning about sales and retail has been stretching--last month was full of challenges. New environments definitely teach me more about myself and others, and though I often feel like Bilbow Baggins from the Shire with my only desire being to curl up in my hobbit hole with a cup of tea, I know that the adventures I am currently on are good for me. I like to think of myself as Mr. Baggins these days, with Gandalf behind me, believing in me, and a rumbly tummy constantly distracting me. Now all I'm missing is a ring to make me invisible in times of trouble or great embarrassment. 

Oh, the goodness of the The Hobbit has also been overtaking my thoughts, and I have been reading it when not working or wasting my life on Netflix. 

P.S. I have missed my little nook online. xoxo, readers. 


  1. Those clothes are so dang pretty. And I love that you brought The Hobbit into this post. All posts need that. :)

  2. i love that 1st photo!

    p.s are you still attending college?

    1. Thanks, rose! And not currently. I'll be going back to school sometime next year, though! :)

  3. Hello LOTR reference! I instantly love you. Especially since I imagined you drinking tea in a hobbit house haha. I can definitely relate to that feeling- but I'm always so glad I stepped out of my comfort zone after the fact. Beforehand, however, I'm hyperventilating into a brown bag. And LOVE your purchases. Swoon times a hundred.

    xo marlen
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    1. Haha! I definitely know what you mean about the brown-bag-hyperventilating part of life. It's so hard, but afterwards so rewarding. Thanks for your kind words! :)

  4. Love them all......the colors of muted victorian elegance are soooo you....Unlike the glittery tacky version of me....

    Gasp! 3 more day!!!! I can hardly wait and I hope your beautiful face is the first i see off the aeroplane.... :D

  5. Oh my! I have just found your blog and those sets are incredible. So light, girly and elegant :)


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