Kinfolk at dusk.

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There's something about the light in our bedroom around 7:30 pm that is magical. Tonight I finally decided to flip through the untouched pages of recipes and photographs by Kinfolk, which are inspiring as ever as always. 

One of the inexplicable things about my creative states lately is how variable they are depending on the time of day. I usually wake up dull and empty, not desiring to create or even look at my craft table. Come about 3pm, and my sentiments change slightly. My feelings towards my paint and dear Perry soften, and I attempt to recollect things I desire to make. Then 9pm strikes, and I have a surge of a feeling I had, in the morning, forgot. I pick up Perry, snap a few photos, and draft sketches for a few paintings which I don't complete. Then comes 2am. I am lying in bed, and my mind is a frenzy of colorful thoughts. Vivid projects flash before my eyes. I see all the possible things I might create with materials which only a few hours ago seemed useless. I strategically make a list of everything I want to begin the next day and drift off into a productive reverie. Then dawn (ahem, okay not quite) the next day strikes, and I awake as stale as the morning before. 

Perhaps this is strange or normal or just me. Whatever it is, it's simply annoying. 

Here's a summer playlist (inspired by this girl) of tunes that have been helping me break into an inspired mood:

Boy with a Coin: Iron and Wine
Ladder: Andrew Belle
Ceilings: Local Natives
Holocene: Bon Iver
Island Cottage: Sea Oleena
Magic: Coldplay
Shelter: Ray LaMontagne


  1. So lovely. That light (and kinfolk!) is gold.

  2. It's so funny you say that - my mind has been a string of similar things to date. Random motivations, inspirations, and emotions throughout the day. It is a tad annoying, and hopefully I'll figure it out soon. Also, love the Kinfolk cookbook!

  3. I especially love the 3rd photo! The golden light <3! Kinfolk is pretty brilliant as well!

  4. No no no, the exact same thing happens to me every day! I swear, dusk has some kind of inspiration contract with me, preventing the sunrise or any other hour before sunset to motivate me. I have to force it on myself, but once I get into something, I'm usually proud I got started. I just need to jumpstart my own inspiration instead of waiting for it to flow.

  5. Your honesty.........is a breath of relief to me......Sigh, thank goodness I am not the only one who finds inspiration in the midnight hour.....There is so much to do and be!!! But I agree with my whole heart that it doesn't start awaking till the moon comes out.....Sigh, we should craft together, knowing each other is under the same moon.... I'm making doll dresses, craft with me???

    Loves loves kisses and hugs...

    1. Aww, what are the doll dresses for? And of course I'll craft with you! Does tomorrow work, at 2am? ;) I miss our crafty times so very much.

    2. Yes and yes.... I did craft with you, in a sense, apple pie and roasted chicken late into the night.....love you more!

  6. Whoaa this is stunning and amazing and true and just about everything in this post made my heart beat faster. <3

  7. i need to get myself a kinfolk subscription. gahh, that magazine.
    and i love the little playlist. #summertunesforeverandeveramen

  8. I love everything about this post. You pretty much have described my current "creative" cycle. I am glad I am not the only one; I feel like a failure of an "artist" lately. It's 12 in the afternoon and I feel the staleness in my bones. I find that coffee and music does help (I must now look up the above listed tunes). But mostly in the evening, when my genie of creativity starts to stir (if it does at all).

    You inspire me, friend. Your words, your pictures (which are both lovely, by the way), and, not least of all, your face. ;) Which I miss like the dickens. I cannot wait to be reunited. It will happen one day.

    Also, why is your shadow so attractive? ;)

    Also, I love you; I miss you. The end.


    P.S. Keep posting. It makes my heart happy.

    1. You're the nicest! It's so comforting to know that other people go through these same motions, and I'm not a broken artist. Also, if you saw what I was wearing, you'd understand why I only took a picture of my shadow. Ahaha, it was the opposite of attractive. ;)

  9. I soooo know this feeling... a lot of times I feel inspired in the morning, but then I can't sleep at night because I have all these ideas for making cool stuff swirling about in my mind. So I wake up feeling like I really need to sleep in. x) But you take the best photos, Kimberly, seriously. I love the lighting in these, it's gorgeous. And I really need to listen to Magic by Coldplay, my boyfriend was telling me about how cool it's sound is. Need to check it.

    1. Aw, thank you, Katie! And yes, you should definitely listen to that song! It's on repeat over here.

  10. I find Kinfolk very inspiring!! :)


  11. Dearest V,

    This is the truth. This must be the cycle for a creative mind, for I find myself winding into that cycle. If I make it to 2 in the morning, the grandest ideas come to my head, but only rarely do I get up and pen them down, otherwise, they fade into the morning.

    I miss you. Missing you is quite like the tide; sometimes it fades back (but never leaves) and others it just overthrows me. Lately it has been the latter.

    These pictures are gorgeous, also, and I will look up the music (although, I already spy some good names in the list).

    I miss your words, and your face, and everything that comes with you.

    I love you.


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