they're faux, don't freak.

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These are a few of my favorite things: raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens. Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens. And that song. You know the rest (or shall I say, you had better know the rest!). Let's just say these fake gauge earrings and that very spin-able skirt have been making their way into that Julie Andrews song (or shall I say Fraulein Maria?).

Though, let's be honest. It's the summer, and the days that I suffer to change out of pajamas into daytime clothes are inconvenient and rare. However, this summer laziness can bring on other pastimes such as deep brooding and introspection, along with lengthy periods of brain-death. I fluctuate between the two hourly.

It's lovely, really, to step out of the whirlwind of college classes and projects, to enjoy these few summer weeks to process and rest. And it's also a good time to re-prioritize. However, I find that as healthy as re-focusing can be, I often fall into a frightening amount of self-sufficiency during these summer months. Since I am given so much authority over my time and activities, I set goals for myself (sometimes even unconsciously. I simply put two labels on myself: productive and unproductive). And the determining factor of my feelings toward self are which label I'm wearing that day.

And the main reason I am realizing self-sufficiency is so scary is because it distorts the way I believe God perceives me. If I'm doing well, then God loves me. If I'm not preforming (in family life, in future goals, in relationships) then it's hard to imagine He's okay with me. I was reading a book the other day, and they asked Christians if they felt more comfortable preaching the gospel to an unsaved friend on a "good" day or "bad" day, and most people voted "good day!"

The sad thing is, that makes sense to my human mind. The reality is, that doesn't make sense in the gospel. Because according to the gospel, I did nothing, and Jesus did everything. And self-sufficiency has no place. In fact, it really messes things up! So this summer, I am trying to step away from the unhealthy amount of time I think of me. Of my performance. Of my plans. And I'm going to try to dwell more on Him. And His truth.


  1. THAT LAST PHOTO. gah, gah, gahhhh.
    and that last paragraph, so so so good.

  2. Kimberly, this is so beautiful. I never thought about this, but now I realize how true these words are. I do the exact same thing. This is so relevant to me. (Also, these photos are lovely!)

    xo, rn

  3. Hi Kimberly!!! I read you with the translator because I'm Italian blogger. I hope I have understood everything well. They are really beautiful words... I like very much this outfit, especially your maxi skirt. Kisses,


  4. You have such great style I love it!

    ps the last photo was fantastic :D

  5. I love you, Kim-berrie.

    You read my soul.

    ~ever yours~
    the bumble.E

  6. I read your about page, and am pleasantly surprised to find that you're from Hawaii! My grandparents were born and raised there (Kilauea, Kauai) but moved to the mainland when they were young. So I'm a second generation "American", I guess you could say. My relatives still live there, though, and we visit them sometimes. Which island were you from? Lovely blog!


    1. That's so awesome! I'm from the Big Island, though I'd love to visit Kauai sometime. :)

  7. Firstly, that skirt is amazing!!

    Secondly, your point on self-sufficiency really hits home for me. I find worth in productivity and accomplishment. It was something I was taught growing up; if I'm not winning, i'm failing. And so now when I am having a bad day or i'm 'failing' I feel like God is ashamed or I should not boast about my faith because why should i when I've been 'bad' all day? But like you said, that is missing the whole point of the gospel. Jesus saved us when we were failing the most. It is our sins that led him to die for us and offer us grace. If anything we should be proud of our failures because in our failures we are led towards Jesus and that indeed is the most marvellous of things.

  8. Beautiful writing! Love the earrings too!

  9. Beautiful photos and your skirt is amazing.

  10. Wow, that skirt is adorable and I like the earring as well. I used to have my ears stretched but I got over them so I let them close. Sometimes I miss that way they looked. Might have to pick a pair of those up.

  11. I love those earrings! I didn't realize you could get faux ones! Such a lovely outfit, as well. -Alyssa

  12. I love love love love you..... (but of course you know that already...)

    Hmm, the green leaves, they kinda look like that little corner of Elima Lani where photos used to be taken....except for the brick. That's definitely mainland...

    Enjoy your summer!!! Go eat some watermelon, and visit those amazing County Fairs they always talk about in the mainland....because I can't visit...So I need you to taste all those good foods for me...

    me...love you.....

  13. You are so beautiful, Kim. :) Hope you have a good summer break. Hugs. :)


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