Road-trips and transplants.

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After packing up for the school year and moving out of my little apartment in New Mexico, I took a ride in a fifteen passenger van straight to Panama City. Driving for about twenty-seven hours straight is not so bad when you have a sleepy constitution like myself and are allowed to curl up in the backseat with pillows. Plus we only had one flat tire the whole way there, so I would say it was a success!

However beaches in Hawaii have, in the best way possible, ruined beaches anywhere else for me. Simply because nothing can compare to my home--my memories--in the Big Island. Maybe I put Hawaii up on a pedestal or maybe I don't. Visit both places and let's duel it out. But I shall not deny that Florida holds it's own charm for me, and I left with a few new books in my backpack and swirling thoughts.

And now I'm back here. Texas. Figuring out what that means. Reading a few new books. Lavishing in the laziness that summer brings. Living in the past a lot. Planning for the future. And napping. Lots and lots of naps.

Hope your summer is off to a splendid start!


  1. This is so lovely -- your words, your photographs, these emotions. And that last photograph? HOW. Please take me there?? xx

  2. I would love to visit both Florida and Hawaii in the future. Will add them to my bucket list. What type of camera do you use?

    1. You definitely should! :) And I use a Canon T3i. His name's Perry, and he's pretty great.

  3. Hey Kim!
    It's funny, even though I'm sure Flo is nothing like Hi, seriously, that last pic reminds me of us. It looks like the typical Kona-side voggy sunset.
    Hm, we are a tad-wee-bit spoilt here. Hey! I finally jumped into the water, first time since I started school. Eegads, it was an unhealthy fast from that soothing salt-water. Sorry, don't mean to make you jelly. More like wanting to console you. :) I don't think I'm doing a very good job.
    Lovely photos as always! Rebel is still packed away, but I'm hoping on taking him out soon!! He sends his regards to Perry. They miss each other :P

    Hugs!! the bumble.E

    1. Ellie dearest,
      It somehow does make me feel better that you haven't been to the ocean for so long (though it's horribly selfish, but I can totally see myself doing the same thing). Also, it makes me happy that you used the words "egads" and "jelly" all in one comment. :)

      Yesyesyes, you need to bring your Rebel out of his case. I've left Perry packed away too long. He's having fun adventuring again, though he misses past times, too.

  4. such a lovely time. i miss doing a road trip. and that sunset time - with golden light, is just precious.

  5. What books did you find? I always love the feel of new books....I spent about 10 mins in the library recently for the first time in a long while, I was in for 1 book, and walked out with almost more then my arms could carry...

    I'm glad to hear the Florida trip was successful, not too many bumps along the way.... I'm glad at least 2 ABeka-ites have made it to the land of our forefathers... :D
    I love these pictures....Post more! Post more! (as I chant from my stack of photos I will someday get around to posting) Lalala

    Love you dearly, get to know Texas so when I come to visit you can take me all around...

    1. I got The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis and The Discipline of Grace by... someone. Haha. They're both very good so far. :) And yessss, I need to get my library card here next week! I miss that.

      Haha, it's so weird, sometime I forget I'm an Abekian. That part of my education is suddenly very hazy. But yes, I am hoping to get a car very soon, and once I do I shall begin planning trips. We shall have a jar full of adventures awaiting when you get here. ;)

      Love you to itty bitty pieces!

    2. Also, what've you been reading??

    3. Sigh,,,,nothing very interesting actually....I did finish the Body Snatcher and Other Tales....Nothing like a good spooky read to keep you up late at night.... Keep you awake for the centipedes, Scorpions and cockroaches that I frequently find in my room.... "0"

      haha....keep that jar flowing....I'll use them all up

  6. You are so right. Nothing will ever compare to Hawaii! I've been there several times to visit family and I'd totally rather take a flight across country than drive just an hour away from where I live in Florida to get to the beach, haha.

  7. love the new swag of the blog lil sis and i love you, just following the crowd

  8. Beautiful hot photos! I really like the sun and the summer :)
    Regards, Carou

  9. The composition of that last photo is perfect. Hope summer treats you well!


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