A trip to the museum.

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We finally did it. We went downtown and saw the cit-ay! It was bustling with yoga in the park and segway tours. Typical for a city, I suppose? I don't have much experience with them, but maybe with time I shall. Our main stop for the day for was the Dallas Museum of Art. 

It turned out to be filled with stunning pieces. Four floors filled with paintings, sculpture, and pottery from all parts of the world and ages and ages ago. It was a feast for the eyes, heart, and mind. 

We topped off our day with a fancy restaurant down by the park. The food is pretty, isn't it? It was tasty, too. 

Enough rambles of our trip. On to rambles of life. 

I've been enjoying my summer and the leisure it brings far too much. One of my chief enjoyments has been the printed word. Anna Kerenina has proven a lovely novel, and there's nothing I would love more than to have my bad habit of starting too many books at once encouraged.

Have you all been reading anything particularly wonderful?

My library card is ready to be swiped!


  1. Ahhh, girl, that looks like it was amazing! I love art museums. Lovely way to spend the afternoon.

  2. Art museums are wonderful. =) Recently I read book entitled 'Winter Wheat', by Mildred Walker; I loved it and definitely would recommend.

  3. How neat! I love art museums. So Anna Karenina is without a doubt one of my favorites. (Just ask my AP Lit buddies from last year... ;)) Right now I'm reading The Screwtape Letters as well as Lord of the Flies. An unlikely pair, but I'm getting a lot out of each of them. Haha

    1. I started The Screwtape Letters, as well, and am enjoying them! Lewis racks my mind. And the movie Lord of the Flies scarred me as a child. Haha. Perhaps I should give the book a chance. ;) Thank you for the suggestions!

  4. ahh, i need to visit a museum! these are such lovely photographs.
    as for good reads:
    bread & wine - shauna niequist // the secret life of bees - sue monk kidd // my life in france - julia child // a tree grows in brooklyn - betty smith //

    1. Thank you so much for that list! I've been wanting to read A Tree Grows in Brooklyn for ages. Definitely going to be getting it soon! Thanks! :)

  5. Don't you just have the most darling blog!

    I'm reading The Goldfinch at the moment and I love it! Highly recommend it.

  6. so glad you got to see all those lovely works of art. I'm sure they were just as thrilled to see you too :D


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