Old with the new.

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New. A word I taste a lot lately. Eating at new restaurants, driving on new roads, sitting on new chairs, living in new places. Usually I love new things, but so many at once can get a bit tiresome and cause the heart to palpitate a bit more than is pleasant. 

The strange thing, I realized, while scrolling through photos, is that I have no new pictures to dwell on. And that with the new, I constantly chase the old. Old photoshoots, old places, old friends. In this new phase of life, I find myself looking back at what the old normal was in order to find myself within the chaos of so much change.

With the new comes a new feeling of anxiety, suspense, excitement, and confusion about the future. The unknown is something I feel I've been jumping into a lot more than is comfortable for the seemingly un-adventurous person I discover lives in me. The excitement that I chased on pinterest boards of "travel" and "wanderlust" have proven less romantic than the sun-goldened photographs I once stared in awe of.

The photographs above were taken what feels like an age ago. I turn to these whenever I want to imagine all the land around me as ocean and the unfamiliar faces are familiar.

I can only hope you see a glimmer of the happiness I see when I gaze into these.


  1. This is so beautifully written, Kimberly. I totally get that feeling. Those pictures are gorgeous, and so summer-y. You must totally miss Hawaii.


  2. I couldn't agree with you more! Yes, we can forget the wonder of the old....

    I am praying that you and your family are starting to settle down more... i miss you so much, and I know that this time is all upheaval and unknowns....but I'm praying that life starts becoming more ordinary as everyone settles into a routine...

    Missing you desperately (did I say that already? well then it's double impact)
    Love you more...

    Oh, and did I mention these pictures are gorgeous!!!!

  3. These are perfect. I'll keep you in my prayers! x

  4. Dearest,

    I will refrain on any comments on the last two pictures (although, I know the HanThatWans are holding their sides and giggling like buffoons), and still manage to love you through it. Even I can't helping laughing while looking at it, so I thank you for that. ;)

    I miss you. I miss all of our times, the ones when I'm a grump included. We are such Depressed Souls now, aren't we? You across the pacific, and me left behind. I'll catch up, or you can take a couple steps back here, if you miss the ocean and maybe some friends.

    I'll see you soon, though, if I'm not married by next summer.
    Love you to itsy bitsy bits. You know it.

    P.S. Oh, and I'm praying for you.

  5. Great post!!!

    Would you like to follow each other?! Let me know!



  6. Sometimes I think I can be too nostalgic. I live so much in the past that it becomes detrimental to how I respond to the present, but there's this thing about looking back and literally JUST remembering things that I love so much.

  7. Those photos were stunning, and you words were flawless!
    Brooke Jordan

    Pineapples & Daisies

  8. lovely photos :) you are one gorgeous girl!!


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