an ocean of tears.

Lately, I've been lazy about seizing the power words produce. So just this moment, I don't want to undermine the way words can't capture this. I want to talk about how they do.

 photo IMG_5939_zpsb0413243copy_zps3a0ad713.jpg
we arrived in masks that shielded our cheeks but not our
smiles which glowed with white teeth and braces. 
the beginning of camaraderie that over years
bloomed into unstoppable laughter and was glued by
words. written and spoken and exchanged through novels 
which made us burn with wanderlust. 
travels to distant countries were woven on the beaches and rocks
of a frothing ocean, where we would bake in harsh sun only to soon jump
deep down into crisp saltwater that would later dry into 
white crustiness and flake off our skin and eyebrows. 
steaming tea followed by a side order of cuddles and
dishes of the latest news are how evenings begin and end.
grumpiness is allowed if it is allowed to be mocked and poked 
out of you soon after it commences. 
silence is acceptable, because as my favorite characters say
thirty minutes of comfortable silence is a sure sign of friendship.
adventures are not the only substance that compose 
this thing called kindredness, but rather a mutual reading of
each other's souls. life together has lately revealed a new
 discovery that growing up and plane tickets and school
are not not not our favorite chapter.
however this cord that connects and binds us so tightly
cannot be broken by a few measly miles because 
i love you girls. 
too much.

this is: a mad grasping at articulation during wee morning hours.


  1. Amazing!!! I must re-read your words again and again .....

    I am constantly amazed at the depth of each heart and the strength of each love.....I miss you already, but I await more adventures with great expectations....

    God bless...

    1. It's a rather pathetic attempt to describe how much you girls mean to me. I miss you so very much, Sarah, dear! You must be sure to post pictures of your new place once you move in. I'm eager to keep up with every detail of you life. ;) Creepy, I know.

  2. wonderfully spoken by a beautiful friend....I love this shot...thank you oh un-named brother that caught our reverie in the watermelon or was it tapioca? Either way...love you girl!

    1. I'm guessing Nathan took this picture of us. I love it a little too much and am contemplating printing it for my room. :) Miss you, dear! Let's catch up soon!!

  3. Dearest V,

    This is amazing. Your words are so full, so redolent. I love them; I love you.

    silence is acceptable, because as my favorite characters say
    thirty minutes of comfortable silence is a sure sign of friendship.

    You know this is my favorite. Ever. And the ties that bind us together, they are infinite and will never break because they are simply part of me. I miss you. I'm praying for you, too. I hope school is treating you well.

    And I love you, I love you.

    P.S. It was definitely the tapioca. Which was really yummy. Ahh...

    1. I love you too, my Byrd! It comforts me to know that the bonds that have formed between us have proven so true, so genuine, so fervent. Your prayers buoy me up, as do you words. Ohh, and I believe it was tapioca. So good.


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