Oldies but goodies.

These photographs have been aging away on my laptop for months, and I simply had to share a few more pictures from our Malaysia trip this past summer. I never did share our pictures from our roadtrip up to Penang - a city on an island.

While traversing the city on foot, we found the contrast of old and new architecture stunning. Not to mention the street art, which is unique, striking, and oh-so creative! The pictures speak for themselves.
 photo IMG_6907_zps7b27b15b.jpg
 photo IMG_6647_zpsf4314959.jpg  photo Untitled-1_zps565ef8be.jpg
 photo IMG_6873_zpsc09ae79d.jpg  photo IMG_6713_zpse3b7ffae.jpg  photo IMG_6805_zpsf5230a54.jpg  photo Untitled-2_zps54fdce94.jpg  photo IMG_6970_zpsc2c80a24.jpg  photo IMG_7005_zps1797fe0d.jpg 

It's embarrassing how quickly I forget these memories from only a few months past. However these pictures have transported me back to those adventure-full days globetrotting. I feel the sweltering heat, taste the spicy food, and hear thr the constant click of my shutter. 

Tomorrow sounds like a great day for adventure.


  1. Your photographs are beautiful!! I love the green scenery in the last few photos. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Ahh, your new design is perfect.

  3. you are adorable and this looks amazing. love seeing your photos of your travels. (:

  4. Such gorgeous photos. I've missed reading your thoughts and beautiful pictures. (those train tracks are amazing.) Oh and I love your new header!
    God bless,

  5. You are seriously just the cutest! What a great adventure to share :)
    I love this idea of going to the beach on a new year. Your perspectives are too perfect! And I'm sure he would have hurt his little eyes )
    xo TJ


  6. I love the new blog title! so "Kimberly" in the best sense...

    I love the motorcycle picture!! Such a great shot! thanks for posting these...I had forgotten how marvelous it looks....let's travel together..... :)


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