Summer habits.

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Summer habits may not necessarily be the healthiest, but I manage to fall into them unchangingly each year. Oh, you know the typical sleeping in until unseemly hours, languid afternoons browsing the web, and lots of naps. In-between all of my unproductivity, though, I have attempted to create a few paintings here and there. Let me introduce you to my very own Flower Girls.
They're glad to meet you, too.
Now, here's a summer list of gratefulness because it is oh-so lovely to be home:
my cozy bed // familiar walkways and stunning sunsets // mom's home cooking // irreplaceable friends // midnight swims at the pier // re-reading favorite books and meeting characters all over again // the way saltwater tastes // lots and lots of girl talk // seashells // inside jokes with siblings // yearly camping trips with the besties


  1. can i just come visit you every day? because Hawaii is like paradise and Wisconsin is just boring and relaxing all day sounds like much more fun than working. do you have a hammock? okay, that was a weird question, but if you live in paradise you should have a hammock.

    im coming to hawaii eventually... ha!



    1. Haha, certainly! And Wisconsin doesn't sound so bad. ;) I'm afraid I don't have a hammock, but I agree with you. Everyone should have one... if it were only possible!

  2. Oh wow, I love those summer outfits...I think I just need to have your wardrobe :P

  3. Sounds like an amazing summer. Those flower girls are gorgeous, by the way. <3

  4. eeep. I heart summer. your photos are lovely.
    love the outfits--so summertime perfect.
    "midnight swims at the pier" <--um, FUN.

  5. hawaii is a bit different than new mexico, I assume. ;) glad you're enjoying your time back, dearie! summer is the best.

  6. Super cute! I love that first look laid out. Sleeping in isn't too bad...

    Kate from Clear the Way

  7. Cute cute...love the second outfit °wink°.....so glad your summer is with us....
    Btw, just sent a message about a certain girly party....hehe....c u soon!

    1. I'm so glad my summer is with you girls, too!!!!
      Also, my phone is currently not with me, but I'll get it back this evening. Can't wait to hear about party plans!

  8. I love the colors of your outfits! OMW! Tots adorable! :)

  9. OMG I love your outfits and we have the same bikini top!


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