Camping with the chummiest of chums.

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Blissful camping trip with the best chums a girl could ask for? Check.

I would say my summer checklist has been blown out of the water, to put it lightly. When I think back to our time together, I see shady napping spots, gorgeous foamy water, a clotheslines full of colorful towels, stargazing in the middle of a lawn, and a crackly campfire. There's the sound of laughter, the zip up and down of a tent door, the hum of a bottle nozzle being blown.

The wonderment of camping is not easy to pinpoint. It's just there. Escaping from technology is such a freeing feeling, and getting to enjoy picturesque views unlimitedly isn't so bad either. I love how the days stretch, the hours become longer, the senses are activated, the wind is appreciated in sight and sound, meals bring us together, incandescent lights are replaced by flames. Productivity melts into a puddle and evaporates into the azure sky.

Dear friends who make this possible, thank you for blessing me in such a tangible way. I can see us telling story after story; I can hear the sacred conversations and the witty jokes. And every single memory warms this undeserving heart.


  1. this is just...lovely. and I don't even particularly care for camping. friends to fill summer days with blessed memories...it's just one of the best things in life. your words are so pretty, dear. imma come visit you in hawaii someday, so don't go away forever, alright? (no but seriously I may do a photography internship over there sometime in the next few years soooo hehe.)

    1. Ahhh, Jenn!! That is soooo awesome! So now, WHEN (not if) you come to Hawaii, you need to let me know!

  2. your blog is so, so beautiful. through and through. looking forward to what's to come!

  3. you and your friends are models, no lie. and i have to agree, camping is a blast. also, your summer sounds like it's been wonderful!

  4. this is so nostalgic and summery and blissful. and ditto oriana- you're all models.

  5. haha ditto what jenn said. I don't care for camping much either but this sounds soooo beautiful and relaxing and ahhhh makes me wanna go do it. and these pictures are just beeaauutiful.

  6. I love the photos. What a great trip. I really enjoyed your writing.

    Kate from Clear the Way

  7. Why am I not your chum?
    Oh dang!

  8. I just realized i never commented on this beautiful post.....!.....tsk, tsk....it is just lovely dear. ...i especially love the 'productivi melts into a puddle' ......how true!

    Beautiful pictures as always!
    Miss seeing your happy face....do drop by some time soon, yes? Yes!

  9. I miss this. Horribly and achingly.


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