In the past month.

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shirt: forever21 // jeans: delias // scarf: claires // shoes: toms
Nathan helped me with one of my more recent photography projects this past weekend. I have been assigned a section of Las Cruces to take pictures of, and most of my areas consists of desert and something called "A Mountain." The school spirit is kept alive on it's peak with a giant A representing the Aggies. I may be traversing up it's slopes sometime this month to complete my photography project with a bang.
This semester of school has been crazy thus far. Many assignments have been turned in, are being worked on, and are to be anticipated. However, two weekends ago the campus ministry I attend had a winter retreat up in the mountains. We were snuggled in a wooden cabin surrounded with trees and ice. Indoors we kept warm with a fire and lots of jackets and hot chocolate. Worship and small groups were had everyday with friends, and it was truly a relaxing getaway from the chaos of school.
Note: I forgot my camera battery and am therefore left without any photos from the trip. Sob.
I'm back now, though. With lots of discount chocolate from Valentines Day and a huge pile of books from the library to distract me from homework. I know I've been MIA in the blogging world, but I'm stil here, promise.

P.S. I really need me a pair of sunglasses!


  1. i remember when i went to yellowstone one summer. we were driving through the mountains and i got out to take pictures but my camera wasn't turning on. then i realized how light my camera felt. so flipped the little cap open and saw that my battery was gone. i panicked because i thought i'd left it at the hotel, three hours away. then my mom was like "oh hey you left your battery charging in the hotel room so i made sure to get it for you." i may have never loved my mother so much as i did at that moment. :D

  2. love this. your outfit is way cute.



  3. you're too pretty. and I love that typography job on the first photo. :) I've missed your posts!

  4. First pic, super cool.
    i'm glad you're still here, i miss your posts. :)

  5. I'd like to see you in some "flyers"...[join me in the tom cruise style].
    Also, been meaning to ask, do you google's creative kit or are you working thru photoshop?

    1. Haha, I have no idea what you mean by "flyers" and "tom cruise" so do explain. ;)

      And I use photoshop elements for most of my editing, especially when I add text to images.

  6. winter retreat in the mountains! that sounds so wonderful!

  7. Hey, I really need a pair of sunglasses too...love your outfit! :)

  8. i missed you. also, your college stories make me excited for my own college stories to come.

  9. i was thinking about the sunglasses-- it looks sunny! cute as always though ;)

  10. ermagosh, kimberly. this is so lovely. and that fist picture? GAH YOU ARE SO CREATIVE WITH FONTS.

    also, I really like the fact that you don't have sunglasses - it gives the pictures a natural, spontaneous feel.

    xo, Acacia

    // capture life

  11. love your graphic design skills, like seriously. and that sweater.
    glad your retreat was fun! winter retreats are really my favorite. :)

  12. I just love your sweater! I have only been in a forever21 store once, and thats probably a good thing considering I could have spent a lot of money there!!

    Beautiful post, I can see these college classes are enhancing your talent!!

  13. Love this. And I totally have the same scarf. Oh, the good old days of Claire's shopping.


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