Winter boots and white breath.

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I did buy me my first pair of winter boots recently. After a nice winter break spent on a warm island, I have returned to my chilly college campus. I wear scarves and coats a bit here, and at night my breath comes out in white, puffy clouds. I may or may not breathe extra deeply to emphasize that fact, just because it fascinates me so.
Several trips have been made around campus looking at the many diverse buildings and ice-encrusted fountains. Along with the wonderment of weather, the stress of classes has begun. I'm getting ready for lots of art history terms to be packed into my brain along with a (hopefully) fun photography class and so much more.
This semester should be beautiful; and I'm taking a big breath in.
And exhaling puffy white clouds.


  1. love this! your outfit is adorable!

  2. Cute! I hope your next semester is amazing and full of adventure.:)

  3. your first pair of boots-- wow. haha, that just sounds so funny. your first pair of winter boots. i love your hat.. well you're whole outfit actually :) xoxo

  4. Will the island girls ever grow tired of white puffy clouds coming from their lips? I hope it nar' not come that we shamefully keep that wonder from happening.
    Glad that you made it back, sad that you ever left in the first place

  5. Love that outfit -- the hat, the shoes, the jacket. Yummy :) xo

  6. ahhh, boots like those are definitely on my need list! and i love your sweater :)
    good luck with your photography class! it sounds fantastic.

  7. Yay, for puffy white clouds! I love your writing. Dear, dear, your outfit is perfectly adorable, but you must have been told that a thousand times. And your boots! Where ever did you find such lovely boots? ;)
    How nice it must be to wear warm clothes. It's been so unbelievably sunny and clear here that I haven't even been able to wear pants, and my arms are getting a tan just from driving to school.
    What building is that on the top picture? I'm finally getting a peak at your illustrious, mysterious campus!
    Love you and hope the start of your semester has been generally fantastic.

    1. How clumsy of me, I forgot to mention that all of Hawaii misses you horribly.

    2. Why hello. Yes, I am finally replying to this comment shamefully late.
      The weather is turning warm at a sadly quick rate. I do wish it would at least keep cold until the end of February. Though I do envy your tropical warmth and infinite beach days. Do save a few for me when I get back. ;)
      Also, the building photographed is Young Hall. I have no classes there, but it looked rather picturesque at the moment of the shot. I wish I could capture our campus more adequately for you and will try again sometime. It's filled with strange places. :P
      I miss you all dreadfully!

  8. I love the way you describe things. It's so beautiful.
    Your outfit it so cute. All of it. You're just so cute.

  9. Your style is so awesome! I hope you have a great semester!

  10. Wonderful fabulous winter....how could anyone get tired of it.!.....

    So glad your fitting in and looking fab!!

    Have fun for me, cause I know you'll ace your classes

  11. I love your beautiful style of clothing...oh breathing in the cold? It's always had me entranced! Lucky you :)

  12. gah, your outfit is gorgeous!!

  13. I'm so excited you're taking a photography class. Can't wait to see your projects!

    Kate from Clear the Way

  14. Ehh... *tap, tap*
    Testing, testing.

    Eh, Hello... Kimberly (wow, that is certainly a different flavor on this old tongue),

    I hope all is well in college. And that you are in the best of health (other than the occasional puking).

    Hahahaha, proper-ness is tiring on ones mind, eh? I just felt on the "official" blog, we should be like spies and pretend we're distant acquaintances, who sometimes share an off-handed smile, and some used words, when have some to spare.

    But no, I cannot be pretended.

    Your hair looks longer than mine, (she notes resentfully). But your outfit is what really makes me resentful. It's so bloody (whoops, terribly sorry to all the british children reading this) cute. Ugh, and you know I've been coveting that bag, since I saw it winter break.

    Those boots... they look vaguely familiar.

    I love you (but you know that already),

  15. You seem like a kindred spirit. I will be checking into your blog often. :)


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