Fall to me.

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Fall to me this year is so many brandnews. It's experiencing the trees turning yellow, orange, red, and brown all over campus and purposely crunching through them on sidwalks. It's last minute papers and countless assignments and a few purple pills of stress that are swallowed with copious amounts of tea. It's Thanksgiving with the big brother and eating way too much pecan pie and loving the lazy life.

It's all new with a pinch of homesick; and I am so grateful for every dash of it.

P.S. My first post in November. On the last day of November. That's how I roll.


  1. It must be crazy seeing all of the colors turn for the first time! i can't imagine not ever seeing it!!!!

  2. the fiery colours of autumn are always so stunning!

  3. beautiful pictures!!!! I can relate with the new fall experience and pinch of homesickness ;) Oh and I love the spiral staircase!

  4. Hey Kimmi!
    Yes, your first really-real fall. If you use a bit of imagination, I'm walking with you 'purposely crunching' thru the leafs.
    The countdown is on!

  5. Good to have you back! Loooovely pictures, as always. @.@

  6. just a few things here.
    1. spiral staircases are my favorite.
    2. you're gorgeous.
    3. in response to your comment on my blog...yesyesyes email me! that would make my day.
    do you get to go home for christmas break??

  7. Love this so much. You're so cute.

    Rachel Nicole


  8. This pictures are adorable. Lovelovelove them!

  9. These photos are so cute! I wish it was fall here in Australia.

  10. absolutely gorgeous! if only trees here in florida look like that during the fall...

  11. Hello Val,

    you+fall=gorgeousness. I am only slightly jealous of those beautiful seasons you are getting to witness. Purple pills of stress? Sounds sketchy. ;)

    I hope you are not drowning in finals, and I can't stress how much I am looking forward to seeing your beautiful face.

    I love you, (can you believe it? less than a month?)
    E. B. S.
    P.S. the second and the forth picture is pure genius. You are too cool for school.


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