Milagro coffee.

Making jokes about how much I love food is a running theme in college. Freshmen fifteen is no joke, people. I may or may not have gained five pounds or so, but since I refuse to weight myself on a scale (they're hard to find, okay?) to affirm this recent weight gain, I like to think it's simply a fancy of mine. Though my tightening pants are all-too evident proof that attest to the fact everyday I get dressed. Eh. I was looking forward to breaking the freshman stereotype of gaining weight, and though I probably lost five pounds my first two weeks here, it's all back and brought some friends to tag along.

It's just say that green chile cream cheese on warm, toasty bagels with iced chai lattes with a shot of espresso are too tempting. There's this little nook of  a coffee shop across the street that has the most delightful smell whenever the doors swing open... and I can't help myself.
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  1. Oh my I would have to stop by there every time I passed. :) Coffee shops are the absolute best.

  2. this looks amazing! glad to hear you're having a good time in college :)

  3. ohhh those bagels. at my university there is a famous bagel joint called Bodos where you can get a whole meal (meaning a bagel sandwich) for just a few dollars. it's enormously popular; they probably have about 500 customers each day at their 3 locations. many students basically live on Bodos, despite the pounds than come along with that marvelous diet!


  4. Great to hear from you again! :) Those bagels look amazing...and I want to come and visit that coffeehouse. @.@

  5. That coffee shop looks awesome! :)

    I'm having a giveaway on my blog if you're interested :)

  6. that looks so good. i know i probably couldn't resist, either. (;

  7. Ooh, those bagels and coffee sound so amazing! The coffee sounds really good since the coffee I usually get has been more acidic and bitter lately.

  8. looks fabulous. I drink coffee way more than is good for me now that I'm in college and the little cafe is just so temptingly handy. ;)

  9. Dearest dear,

    I miss you. I still have kept up the record of thinking of you everyday, but the pain is slowly dulling. Can you believe it? I think I'm almost getting used to you not being here (yeah right). It sucks.

    That place looks delightfully sinful. I simply want to steal that coffee from you right out of that picture. Haha, I'm going to go all auntie on you and say, "good, you needed a little fat on your bones," Don't you know, Kimberly dear, that having dimples in your elbows used to be considered beautiful? Hehe. I'm definitely getting there.

    Oh yes, and a little birdie told me you went to a FREE Switchfoot concert. Napua says she's not speaking to you again; I'm still thinking.

    We need to talk. As in phone call. As in soon.
    I'm such a pushy friend. It's awesome.
    Love you,
    E. Byrd Starr
    P.S. I'll be waiting by the mailbox. Oh yeah, it's 2:48 back at home, and the clocks want to you to come back.

    1. Dear Byrd,

      Did I ever tell you I love how your middle name is spelled? Because I do. And I think of you everyday, too, my friend. You may or may not be extremely hard to forget.

      Trust me, the dimples on my arms and stomach are far bigger then the ones you've got! Ahaha! But thank you for that comforting fact. I'll think of it each time I bite into a over-cheesed bagel.

      Yes, yes, I did go to a free Switchfoot concert; and yes, it was amazing. Just know that I wish you could've been there screaming with me. ;) I'm cruel; I know.

      A phone call soon it is!
      With love,

      P.S. What is my middle name? I forget. Shameful, no?

    2. You have no middle name. You are middle nameless. I'm sorry.

  10. Of course I love the last pic! The cheese on your finger adds to the candidness [3rd up]. How nice to have a bro and not a tripod to take your pictures.

    CONCERT!!! GA! I just heard via the Effect that my two tops bands [Disciple and Family Force 5] are going on tour and will stop in NM. Island life has is't downers....

    Can you believe it's already Nov. Do you have your countdown started yet?

    1. Haha, Ellie, leave it to you to find the cheese on my finger! ;) How I miss our girl talks! Yes, I must say, I'm oh-so happy that Nathan is here with me.

      And that just means you'll have to stop by NM and we'll roadtrip it up and attend some smashing concerts. ;)

      Goodness, it's crazy how time flies! Only a few weeks left!


  11. Personally, when I gain some weight, I know I am enjoying my life, ha ha ha! Everything looks so good, especially that Chai tea latte <3

  12. it's so nice when i follow a blog that teachs and inpires me so much!
    It's always a pleasure to visit your blog.
    Thank you!

  13. Oh yes, I understand completely. And who can say no to chai tea???!!!

  14. Out of all the blogs I follow yours has to be in my top 5.. Not only are you absolutely stunning, but your pictures are perfectly edited and captured in such a beautiful way! Haha, I totally know what you mean, don't worry though, You will probably loose it all :)



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