Chalk'n Up the Summer

Hi Y'all!! First off, Kimberly made it safely to Alaska and is most likely roaming the Alaska wilderness with Perry in hand(on her free time anyway). We all miss her here at home as i'm sure y'all do to in the blogosphere.
i guess i'm one of those "few surprises" Kim mentioned in her latest post. i'm Nathan, her oldest brother. i'm terrible at bios so i'll give you my "to-do" list for this summer: slackline, swimming, play guitar, learn banjo, read Relationships a Mess Worth Making, reread David Copperfield, sleep, work with dad, play guitar, eat lots of food (i prefer saying "i'm ten pounds stronger"), annoy my siblings, forget everything EE related. So now you know a bit more about me :)

i'm pretty sure Kimberly only said yes to me guest posting because she was too distracted preparing for the Alaska trip to fully realize the consequences. This worries me, what if she repeats this and says yes to some knuckle head who decides to propose to her during final exam week. We both know that's a ridiculously exaggerated example; but placed in the context that this is the same sister who just this summer realized the Blogger logo is a "B" and not a misshapen "8", all i can do is laugh- and stalk every eligible man she meets(joking, i don't have that much free time. If you watched the video then you may realize i actually do).

Perhaps you've watched the video already, maybe not. If you have then the one thing you'll notice is the millions of things wrong with the video. All of them bug.bug.bug me. It's made me question my motive for excellence. Who am i trying so hard to please? With each person i a have a relationship or even a chance meeting with i craft a role i want to play in that person's life(however small and generic like "be myself"- what does that mean?) and a role for that person to follow as well. From the scripts i give others, i create false expectations that ultimately fail everyone. God's been teaching me to peel back those scripts and blueprints. He has a story that's so much better for the both of us. The role i cast on myself and others is so limited and blinded by my pride and understanding. The realization that my Heavenly Father is crafting a story for His children that surpasses anything i've seen yet get me so excited. The part that i'm learning to live a truth is that the story is happening right now!! i'm not completely sanctified, yet He is inviting me to be involved in this massive epic, an orchestral piece fit for the greatest symphony of angels, a story that centers Jesus.
Even with all the mistakes in my film(using the wrong lens, small animations as opposed to large, varying speeds of the animation, not using Perry for the intro sequence, off beat playing), i'm sharing it cause like me its a work in progress.

p.s.  i took me day to finish the video, but another to do the audio. so really it was two summer days and yes!! i cant wait for fall 2012!!

p.p.s props to all you bloggers. blogging is so much harder than i anticipated.

plugs: Josh Garrels~ little blue, John Mark McMillan~ economy, Ben Howard~ keep your head up,   Avett Brothers~ murder in the city


  1. Aww- that is so sweet of you to blog for your sis! And that video was *really* cool and fun.

  2. Like the video :) Do they really say y'all in Hawaii? Somehow that's not something I had pictured. Lol.

  3. I thought the blogging symbol was supposed to be a padlock... oh dear! The video was awesome- keep going with the blogging!

  4. How cool that you posted for your sister!
    And I never realized the blogger logo was a B :)

  5. That video was so cool!
    Love the post, too, Nathan. (:

  6. Oh my that was such a neat video! So, so neat! Looks like a ton of work. And Fall…. My favorite time of the year!


  7. Dude, that video was amazing. And it's all done with pictures? I especially love 00:41 - 00:50. Awesome stuff.
    Alaska sounds great right now. I want to go there.
    I really like this post; and that means you should get a blog. There aren't enough interesting blogs out there, but thankfully I found a few. (including this one, obviously.)
    And amen to everything you said up there. God's plan for everybody's lives is so much bigger and beautiful than we could ever imagine--it's really heaven on earth, just like Jesus said: "Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven."
    Have a stellar summer! :D


  8. WOW, was a surprise! I haven't read your writings in a while, *nudge*. This was great you had me laughing at the "knuckle head'' part. I watched the video last and wow again, you totally surprised me! Didn't know you were also into drawing. The sketch'y stuff was awesome to watch bloom and grow into different words. So the question that lingers in my mind is......

    WHEN is your next guest post or the return of /*STALL iN tHE skY*/] ?????

  9. I love your post.....humor, insight, thoughtfulness....wonderful Nathan!!

    Great choice kim....

  10. Hi Nate and Kim! This video made me think of Kina Grannis' "In Your Arms" music video which was made of many, many pictures put together into a video as well. So crazy. This is awesome :) love, pam


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