Spaghetti lunch.

Yay! Yum! Is today the day I get to tell you how much I love spaghetti? Because yes, yes I do. It's really rather odd because there isn't a drop of Italian in me. Maybe my Asian-and-American mix just got jumbled in this weird noodle-tomoato combo. Can you tell by my writing style that I am rather jumpy and hyper sounding? Yeah, I have no idea why, because I'm feeling rather lazy at the moment. Oh well.

Today was one of those days when I didn't plan on doing much and then "nothing much" turned into a blog post. Who knows how those normal days turn into headband-making-yummy-food-fashion-post days. They just do.

Know what else I realized today? Yellow seems to be infiltrating far too many areas of my life! My blog, my clothes, and so on. It's a matter of great irony, since I remember declaring around the age of ten that, "I hate yellow!" And look at what's happened. I look like a banana most days!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. You are so cute! Oh my goodness!
    Okay, that spaghetti looks totes delish and your headband is the bomb-diggitay. xoxo

  2. How are your photos so gorgeous? ;) Seriously though, I love your outfit, the spaghetti, and all the pictures. Oh, and your headband! Basically, I just love your whole blog. :)

  3. Love the photos and design that you incorporated into this post! You are so gorgeous :)

  4. YUM! I love spaghetti :) Actually, any kind of pasta sorta hits the spot these days. So glad pregnancy didn't ruin my love for italian food!
    You look STUNNING in yellow!

  5. Omigoodness! We are SO alike!
    Spaghetti is my FAVORITE! and i have NO Italian at ALL.
    haha, and yellow is growing on me, TOO!
    I just got a yellow bike. and it's ammaaaazing.

    love ya, girl!

    Rachel Nicole @ Summer Breeze


  6. I wouldn't say that I love spaghetti, but that first photo is starting to change my mind. Awesome photography! Love your outfit! :)

  7. girl, you are cute. and this post makes me happy. aand, i lovelovelove spaghetti. it is seriously the bomb-dot-com. <3

  8. spaghetti is my favorite food. i think i'm obsessed with it :)
    and... you are gorgeous and i love your outfit! so beautiful. I've also been finding a new appreciation for the color yellow.

  9. oh man i love spaghetti too :) this one looks yum!

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  11. well,I pretty much just love it all :)

  12. Spaghetti for the win! Haha, it's one of my favorite meals too. Not a drop of Italian in you? Psssh. It's down in you...deep down inside of you. ;)

    Love your shirt too! I actually used to not really be all that big on yellow -- but I have a few yellow shirts. It's such a summery color!

  13. spaghetti, love. headband, love. yellow, love. outfit, love. amusing, love.
    ps. you're like insanely gorgeous.

  14. I just joined your blog. I think the fact that you like spaghetti and the ‘I look like a banana most days’ comment, got me…

  15. Your outfit is absolutely adorable! Love it!
    I think yellow is pretty great. It has become one of my favorite colors. Right up there with green. ;)


  16. yummy spaghetti, make's me hungry :)
    and i love your cute outfit!

    xx shey

  17. I must tell you, I found this post delightful. It made me extremely happy. I love your style of writing and quality of pictures. The colors you use are so light and happy.

    Rachel // Lavender & Honey

  18. Spaghetti is super delicious.


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