Enter summer.

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Has it hit you yet? Because over here this thing called summer is finally sinking it. The gloriously free hours, the outdoors, the blazing sun, and don't forget the watermelon. The excitement is surging through my incessant thoughts; I can't help wanting to accomplish a million things and am cruelly thwarted by the lack of hours in each day.


There are far too many things to absorb in the next few weeks. I'll be getting ready for an epic camping trip, fundraising for a mission trip to Alaska, doing afore mentioned mission trip, preparing for college, working like a mad-woman on the etsy shop, writing short stories and essays, learning about graphic design, and blogging a ton (of course).

Never-again returning to high school (a wonderful and terrifying thought) is still hard to swallow. Getting ready to leave for college is even harder to comprehend. You know what the crazy part is, though? After this beautiful and insane summer, I think I'll be ready.

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  1. awww summer, it's a glorious thing=) and I understand the whole fundraising thing for missions trips. I'm going on one thins year and I have been saving my money like a crazy person!;)haha! and watermelon, yum, we live off of that stuff during summer;) so good!=)

  2. You are going to love college so much more than high school :) Best of luck and have a great summer!


  3. asdlfkjalsdfkj Kimberly don't do this to me! my last final exams are tomorrow, and summer being so close just kills me. also, you're adorable. and also, I want that tree you're sitting in.

  4. dgsafkjaljfahsjkfslfdljdls. (Jenn - my thoughts exactly!)

    You're photos insanely gorgeous. They feel clean, fresh, relaxed, 'a breath of fresh air', simple yet extravagantly beautiful. Seriously. Loved this post so much. xx

  5. oh wow. you are awesome. i love your posts. summer is the best. winter just stinks. i can't wait long enough till it gets to summer here in austalia!! :(

  6. Yes, summer finally sunk in for me a couple days ago, and I thought to myself "how is it summer already?" Lol. I am enjoying all this lovely weather, reading like a crazy woman (because I want to finish Les Miserables, To Kill A Mockingbird, & The Fellowship of the ring before summer ends, along with having to read Watership Down before school starts), snapping pictures left and right, and writing, writing, writing. (my sister and I are writing a book together)

    Happy Summer!

  7. I'm not quite there yet...still have some schoolwork to finish up. Once that's out of the way, though...I've got a busy summer, too. :) Can't wait to get started.

    Looking forward to more posts! :)

  8. I think you'll be more than ready my dear :)

    It sounds like you have everything under control!

  9. Oh, Summer is the epitome of Heaven. It has finally started sinking in to me that it is Summer. Your photos are so beautiful and just ooze...well...happiness and summeriness. Oh yes.

  10. Oh, yes... it's hit me. Quite forcefully, actually. Summer around here means we hit triple digits about two weeks ago XD (I live in AZ.)

  11. Haha, here I am again... Muahaha, sneaky, eh?

    Firstly, that picture of you... is HAHAHAHA!!!! Awesome.

    Nest, I mean next, the first picture is epic, epic, epic. Green watermelon, orange shirt, bokeh, bokeh=awesomeness.

    And I feel horrid, you've probably wrote so many more perfect short stories than me. I've been a bum, just helping out my grandparents. Haha, just kidding. But we must write/plan together.

    And you're scaring me... you shall be gone so soon. Goodbye dear Ilse, mayhap you shall remember me after you leave?


  12. yes yes you'll be ready! Summer is finally here! It will be memorable :)

  13. Enjoy this summer break for sure -- as an old woman like me, you don't get one! Haha :)

  14. Watermelon- the ultimate sign of summer. Odd, I'm listening to the same song. Enjoy your summer break dear!

  15. oh, kimberly. i just adore your photography. seriously, girl. so beautiful.
    have so much fun at college! don't leave your little blog behind :) summer is great, isn't it?

  16. Ooh! Ooh! Summer! I LOVE IT (this year)!!
    And I have yet to have my first taste of watermelon! This needs to change and soon.
    Do you have a favourite part or aspect? I think I love being able to do early morning devotions and then yoga to the light of daybreak, and the soundtrack of singing birds.

  17. one more week before i start summer and then it will sink in :)

  18. Hey! Just wanted to let you know that I got the giveaway in the mail today. The cards are gorgeous! Thanks a ton =)


  19. Is that a plumeria tree? Oh how I miss those! We have two small ones, but I haven't seen one that big since I lived on Oahu.
    And I'm sooooo ready to finally be finished with high school myself--I wish it wasn't as hard as it is to finish!!

    Liz B


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