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Doesn't it seem like all bloggers are constantly re-evaluating their blogs?

You've probably noticed this space of a blog has been a bit neglected the past few days or weeks. I haven't been updating as much as of late, and I suppose it's time I shared that I'm learning how to make blogging an extension of my life -- not my life. It's a challenging balance, because I love blogging so much at times. It's ever-so inspiring; but sometimes I need to take a step back and realize that right now, in this moment, I want to build blogging around my life, not build my life around my blog.

Another thing I want to work on is creating quality posts -- not just blindly churning out material. The word "branding" has been going around lately, and I have been thinking about it a ton. Don't get me wrong, though, because I have no idea what my style is yet -- but I'm hoping to find out with time.

To help me grow, I've decided to:

+DRAW A NEW DESIGN EVERYDAY (sketch, typography, etc.)


+DO ONE CRAFT FROM PINTEREST EACH WEEK (it's so easy to read them, but not to do them)


Blogging is such a beautiful thing, and I love it most when it's helping me and other people to grow. Feeding off of other's ideas and coming up with a few of my own -- that's the blogging I love.

P.S. Isn't this and this so inspiring? Gah, I'm dying.


  1. Such an honest post. Yesterday as I was driving, I was thinking the very same thing. "I want my blog to be about my life. Not vice verse."

  2. I really love that quote about building your blog around your life. It is sooo true! Blogging can be dangerous sometimes in creating another identity for us. I'm also just keeping it to a minimun while I go find myself (style wise). I don't really have a style. But that's not a bad thing!

  3. Oh, for a while I was doing one Pinterest project every week. It was lots of fun, and really good for me. Obviously I didn't stick with it, but I did do it for a month or two, which was progress for me ;)

  4. good point lady. this is how i feel about blogging right about now.

  5. if I was only half as gorgeous as you, I would be happy. but what you said up there was great. and so true.

  6. I agree! I need to re-evaluate. I was actually thinking about this the last few days...

    Rachel Nicole @ http://rachyracheshobbycorner.blogspot.com/

  7. This is honest and definitely something I've been struggling with as I started blogging. I want to have the right balance, and build my blog around my life - not the other way around. and, you are super pretty!

  8. Doesn't it seem like everyone is taking a break and re-evaluating their blogs? That's me too. Yep. I think we are all finally realizing that this thing called blogging is eating up our lives instead of adding flavor. Great post! And you are gorgeous!! :)

  9. Great post!!!! I need to work on balancing my blog/life just a little bit more.
    Aww....Love your outfit, so simple but adorable.
    yes, I agree, both of those links are SO inspiring. Especially those popsicles. :-)


  10. Great post! You're gorgeous.

    That is all.

  11. Very true. I know how it can be to be doing things just to blog about it. It's tiring and well, fake. I'm pretty much doing the same thing and not letting it rule my life. That's why I'm not concerned with how many followers I get. I just try to blog often enough and have fun while I do it. :)

    Beautiful photos! :)

    - Tessa

  12. Well, I love your blog Kimberly. :) And I agree -- I love blogging when it's inspiring, but not when it just becomes a chore or hassle to put out posts. I think most of that revolves around my life, and whether I'm really LIVING my life.

    Liz B

    ps: you are gorgeous!


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