Watercolors and brushes

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I cleared the clutter off the the table, removed the table cloth, and arranged my supplies accordingly. It had been so long since my last painting session; and boy, was I ever rusty. You see, it was all that typography on pinterest inspired me to attempt some art. Let's just say, I need a lot of practice; but I am excited about attempting it again. Design and graphics is fascinating, and I really admire people who are able to piece color and witty words and pictures together into something enchanting.

A few things I've been obsessing over? First of, The Avett Brothers. Ah, so many of their songs are so good. It's hard to choose, but my favorites by them are I and Love and You and I Would Be Sad . Oh, and I suppose I ought to thank my older brother for introducing them to me; you're pretty cool sometimes, big bro. Then there's this video I found called Sea Cave. Everything about it is sort of amazing. Watch it; yup, you're welcome. It's really inspiring me to make a video of my own (soon).

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  1. this is the best. best, best, and best. your watercolouring {with the u} is fantastical. really. love you :))
    -jocee <3

  2. i looove your watercolors. they are perfect♥


    p.s. amazing song!

  3. beautiful, beautiful art. you have inspired me to paint, even though i've never been good at it. maybe some creativeness will kick in.(;

  4. Ah, your photos make me feel so cozy. I love your art.
    The Avett Brothers are also awesome. <3

  5. Your pictures remind me of the opening scene from the movie Miss Potter. =) Really good movie, by the way.

  6. i listened to a song just now by these avett brothers you mentioned and like wow. thankyou. i like rustic, vintage things and their video is cool.
    love your picture. i'd paint, but.. i'm doing homework. i've put it off long enough.

  7. How is your photography so amazing? Seriously. You're one of my favorites.

  8. Beautiful!
    Plus your header really pretty! So simply but so lovely <3


  9. I love watercolors! I am not even close to be an artist but it is still a fun pastime. :-) Yours looks lovely!

  10. I wish i could water color! It looks so fun.

  11. I just started following because of the giveaway but I wish I'd found you sooner. Love the blog!!!

  12. Ha, I've never seen watercolours in tubes and I call myself a watercolour lover! ;) I really like the pastel tones you've used and your photos are so cozy and cute! Great blog! :)

  13. So, firstly, I hate your links to those songs. I had written my comment out already, and was about to post it, before I decided to check out those songs. Stupidly, thinking that it would open a new tab, I clicked on it. And, horrors, it took the page away before I had the chance to say, "Oh, my poor comment."

    Anyways, ranting aside. Do have to be so perfect (no offense)? I'm serious (mostly. A small, perverse, part of me likes to say that because it annoys). Your painting, your pictures. Ugh, it's so beautiful, it's annoying. And now I'm dying to know what the watercolour said. ;)

    The video is really cool, too (along with the music). I can see why you want to do a video now. Maybe one of, say, bodyboarding. ;) haha.

    Oh, by the way, we need to get together soon. I demand it.

    1. Aw, don't hold it against The Avett Brothers, okay? It wasn't their fault. ;) Haha, I hate it when that happens, though.

      Psh, you just do that to annoy me, meany. So in return, I most certainly shall not tell you what the words say. My, I surprise myself with my cruelty sometimes.

      Yes, hang out soonsoonsoon! Love,

  14. The picutures are amazing, I love really

    Bisous, Valentine

  15. Love that third shot -- just SPEAKS peace, friend! :) x

  16. beautiful photos. I am your newest follower.

  17. i wish i painted. i've tried, but it didnt turn out so well. maybe i should give it another go...


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