Sweet serenity

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Yesterday was one of those days; the ones you don't really ever forget. The best way I can describe it is by taking myself back to the words I scribbled into my journal as I rested in the shade on my beach towel:

"I can't even describe how beautifully clear the water is. It's aqua, turquoise, and crystal in all the right places, with a slight greenish hue flickering below as the white sand and blue water mix. Oh, the weather is -- making me sigh. I've been to this beach many times; but I kid you not, when I walked towards the shore and caught glimpses of the water through the trees & shrubs, I was overcome. The breeze brushed past my cheek, the salty air filled my lungs, and the horizon was speck-free. Water gently lapped the sand, forming frothy peaks around childrens' feet. The sun caressed the sand and broke through the shade in leopard spots. My heart, at this moment, would not want to be anywhere else. Here, for an hour or two, I will bask in happiness and pray -- I will thank God for this gift of beauty."

And then later on:
"The water had not been this clear for months (note: since I'd last been there); I can see the hazy shadows of the rocks beneath the surface; snorkelers air shafts poke up everywhere, and I imagine the school of fish they are chasing after underwater -- I've seen the spot before. A motor boat blazes past, appearing to ride on the top of the horizon, what I will call this moment -- the edge of the world, because for a little while, this will be my world."
 P.S. I went on a rampage and tweaked the blog's design. Thoughts?


  1. This is so gorgeous and beautiful! I love your posts! I love Hawaii. I wish I could live there.

    This is one of my favorite posts. =)

  2. I was in my special place today (a private area near the ocean) and this post just evoked the tranquility I felt when I was there. Thanks Kim!

  3. okay. it's official. I'm packing up to come live with you, right now. soo pretty!

  4. Beauitful pictures! I really love number two! (:

  5. Beautiful photos! I love your toenail polish - so clever. :)
    Your blog looks lovely! Yes, I like the new look. :)


  6. Hey Kimberly! Loooooove this post! <3
    "because for a little while, this will be my world" -& LOVE THAT QUOTE.
    Lovely photos! I really like the new design!

  7. This is lovely!!! You take the most beautiful of pictures. ;)

    >>---> come stop for tea @ gracesgardenwalk.blogspot.com

  8. gah...you're making all us normalpeoplewhodon'tliveinparadise jealous! This is so beautiful--both the post and the new design. I've always loved yellow + grey together. xx.

  9. Gorgeous post--Florida beaches are rarely that wonderful. :) The new design is great, too; though I must admit, I'm a little partial to the popping 'A'. I love the gold, though. It suits you. :)

  10. i'm not as mad at you anymore for taking photos. however, i'm still jealous.
    is that a new design i see? i'm liking it.
    -jocee <3

  11. so, I love everything about this. your new design, your incredible lovely words and perfect way of putting things, and your photos that are really making me ache for summer.

  12. This is so beautiful. The pictures, of course, but the words especially. So descriptive and expressive...they make me feel as if I am there.<3

  13. 1) Your pictures are ah-mazing. Seriously. I think I need to come visit you & your beach. ;)
    2) Your design is gorgeous!

  14. Love the design. Always a fan of yellow. :D

  15. I seriously need to come over to Hawaii. I do.

    I'm re-following you because your posts weren't showing in my dashboard. Let's hope they do now. ^.^

  16. I love the unique angles you got and the water IS really that blue and beautiful, you are right!
    And I really love the new blog design!

    God's creation is astounding to me. I'm heading to the mountains next week, I live in MN, so I can't wait. God's splendor.

  17. eek love the beach and these pics!
    my favourite is the one of the sand and toes. :)
    btw, since you're one of those awesome at craft people (i am jealous of that talent!)... i'm hosting a giveaway over at my blog -- a beanie made by my friend. it's insanely cute and she's raising money for a giveaway and well it would be lovely if you could check it out or like her facebook page! thankyou!

  18. These pictures are seriously stunning. And I'm not even going to get into how much I'd love to be in Hawaii right now...
    P.S. The new design is lovely!

  19. you have great photos! I am just loving your blog!!!



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