A cup of jo

I don't drink coffee daily, but once in a while the craving does arise and I find myself in the kitchen spinning open the cap to the coffee jar and grinding a few coffee seeds to bits. There's something refreshing in the mixture when a bit of cream and sugar is mixed in. Oh, and then pair it with a muffin or bit of cake, and I'm swimming in happiness for the next hour.

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I am not ignorant to the fact that some people think coffee tastes like dirt or something of that sort; so tell me, a cup of jo or no?

Also, for the past few weeks I have been wanting to do a vlog for you all, but I didn't know what to talk about (it can be so awkward talking into a camera. especially for me. i flounder badly). So I got inspired by Gracie's idea to do a video answering questions you blogger friends might ask me. Some of the questions she's getting are really interesting, so I'm excited.

Ask away!


  1. cup of jo: yes!
    questions for vlog:
    what were your first days of blogging like for you? what were the main things you encountered during those early days?
    what blog-design website/system do you use? (picnik? gimp? befunky?)


  2. yes, love coffee!

    What is your favorite fashion accessory?
    What is your least favorite subject?
    Chocolate or Vanilla?
    What is your current obsession?
    What was your favorite song when you were little?
    What is the most amazing thing that ever happened to you?
    What is your favorite color? (original, yes, I know!)
    What is something you fear?

  3. hmmm does coffee = hope???? [see picture 3]
    Love coffee
    Love the smell of coffee
    Love anything with coffee
    Love movies with coffee "JavaJavaJava" George from George of the Jungle.

    I could go on.....

  4. i.love.coffee. i may not drink it everyday, but i love it lots.

    and now it's my turn to ask some questions *insert evil laugh here*

    1. favorite time of day?
    2. pen or pencil?
    3. spring or summer?
    4. dark chocolate, milk chocolate, or no chocolate at all?

    yeah, pretty lame questions, but whatever ;)
    i can't wait to see your video!

  5. I'm not really a fan of coffee...unless it's the french vanilla latte from Walgreens :)

  6. I recently started liking coffee... it's like it tastes so nasty that I like it. I actually like it with just a bit of stevia and that's all. Which surprised me, cause I knew I was gonna be one of those people who put more sugar and cream in their cup than coffee. ;)
    A few questions....
    when did you start blogging?
    do you think you will homeschool your kids if you have any?
    have you ever been paid for your photography (sessions and/or selling prints)?

  7. I'm a die hard. Daily. Since 7th grade. Often black. Pretty hard core. :D

    questions, questions....
    What's 1 piece of advice that you wish you took more often?
    What are your dream names for your "someday" children?
    Pinterest, facebook, or twitter? Which is your fav?

  8. ooh I love coffee!! Great pictures! I'm glad I happen to be drinking it right now, or I'd be forced to go make some! =)

  9. I've tried numerous times to like coffee, but I just can't make my tastebuds like it. :)
    What career are you hoping to pursue?
    Why do you like blogging?

  10. I really dislike coffee. Ha. But it looks so pretty, I wish I did.
    Favorite book? Favorite singer/band?


  11. coffee is delicious! :)
    what's your dream job?
    do you have any pets?

  12. Coffee... beautiful and delicious and wonderful. And I love that mug!
    Favorite hobby, aside from photography (if you'd call that a hobby)?
    Favorite authors?
    Favorite Bible verse/passage?

  13. I had someone tell me that coffee tastes like dirt, but worded it quite differently... Personally, I love coffee. And that cup is boss.

  14. Top 3 favorite blogs?
    Most favorite book of all time?
    Books that you read over and over?
    Movies you watch over and over?
    Best friends?

  15. I am a big fan of coffee, mm :) and that hope coffee mug is too cute! I'm excited to see your vlog, :)

  16. I am definitely a fan of jo. I am like you, I do not drink it daily (because caffeine + Anna Gray is rather scary) but I do love drinking it every once in a while.

    What qualities do you look for in a friend?

  17. And oh! Because of the photography nerd in me, I have one more question: If you purchased another camera lens, which one would it be?

  18. personally, I like a bit of coffee with my cream and sugar. ;)
    questions, yippee! I've been wanting to do a vlog too but can't think of something to do it on, buuut this is a fantastic idea.
    sooo my favorite question of all time to ask anyone is this: if you had one evening to do anything with no limit on money or resources, what would you choose to do? can't wait for your answers!

  19. I don't crave coffee as much either. My tongue always looks for chocolate though ;)

    What would you do if you won the Mega Lotto?


  20. coffee? - yes please :)

    lovely photos

  21. Your pictures are insanely beautiful. How did you learn and develop an interest for photography?

  22. I grew up sipping the last bit of coffee every morning from my parents cups, and my nana would always let me have a little in a tea cup when we went to their house, which made me feel like I was on top of the world... Now that I'm older, I have my own cup each morning with my parents. It's so nostalgic and beautiful.

  23. My family doesn't drink coffee, so I've only had a few sips of it. I must say, it is one of my favorite smells. It makes it feel like morning.

  24. coffee tastes kinda gross to me but i LOVE the smell and it always looks so appealing :) ps vlogs are fun. i'm starting to do them at my other travel blog (www.travelingtriplets.com) next week. go for it!

  25. Cup of Jo? HECK YES! xD I like coffee a bit TOO much, truth be told. Baha!
    Oooh, questions- I love asking questions..okay...
    Do you like bats (as in, the animal)?
    If you could be president today, would you want to be?
    Favorite Dickens quote/line from book?
    What would you do if your cat/ a cat talked to you?

    Okay, I'll stop. xD
    Rockin' post!

  26. I love coffee! But I don't drink it that often. (no, i don't believe it stunts growth. XD)

    What is your favorite part about living in Hawaii?
    Do you like really close to the water?

  27. I am like George of the Jungle....." JAVA!!! JAVA!!! JAVA!!!"

    totally one for a cup of coffee, hazelnut creamer and a couple cubes of sugar.....the only way to start a working morning....

  28. I love coffee(:
    Okay, question: What camera lens is your favorite/do you recommend?


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