the besties.

When I'm with these people, I'm suddenly really, really good at laughing and making odd noises. I am probably really good at getting bizarre looks, too. Because around these girls, I act a bit strange to most. Luckily, I think I can safely say they understand my strangeness! It's nice to meet people that can understand one's insanity, isn't it?

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When we get together, we are adventurers. I love our trecks through the outdoors, and feel I've finally done a little bit of an island-trot after all these weeks. Oh, and one of the best parts is that the three DSLR's are always busted out and suddenly we are pro photographers. Perry especially likes it because he gets to play with his friends.

Our get-together's always turn into spontaneous photoshoots, which means we all are getting better with our serious model-stare, though it is tough to hold a straight face with us!

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Did I mention that the sunlight was divine during our walk? It was slightly overcast, with the sun glaring an almost neon orange as it loomed in the West. It brought out all of the reddish tones in our hair, and unlike Anne Shirley, I shouldn't mind having red hair at all. It's so picturesque.

Oh, and to mention nothing of the epic jump shot I got.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

I haven't even reached the best part yet! Okay, here you go. The best part is all these girls love the Lord and shine Christ's love with their actions and words. It's almost like getting dunked in a bowl full of happiness when I'm with them.

Our memories together are so precious to me; and all the days we spent laughing and swimming and eating together are the days I'll treasure for years to come.


  1. i love anne shirley hair! totally picturesque.
    and i wanna be your bestie. can i be your bestie? i'd love to be your bestie.
    and girls who love Jesus? i'm SO there. :)
    -jocee <3

    1. You always make me smile. :) And of course you can be my besite. Anyone who loves Jesus is pretty much an automatic bestie. ;)

  2. Your blog is so aspiring. Thank you!

  3. these look like some pretty awesome people :) I love having photo shoots with my photographer friends!
    also, this is gorgeous.

  4. That's so great that you have MULTIPLE friends - who all know each other and that you can ALL get along so well. I have lots of friends...but only a few of them know each other...and we can't all hang out very often. :/
    Lovely pictures! You girls are so pretty!

    ~Miss Raquel


  5. "Dunked with a bowl of happiness." That's so sweet. It's so wonderful being able to have more than one best friend. Absolutely adore these photos. So fresh and... happy-like. :) That one of Rebekah is simply stunning. Great post!

  6. the best part : "it's almost like getting dunked in a bowl of happiness when i'm with them."
    The. End.

  7. you write beautifully.
    you snap pictures even more so.

  8. That is so cool! Best friends are amazing! I found a super cool saying the other day about friends, it goes like this: "True friends are not the ones that are inseparable, but the ones who can be separated and nothing changes!" I LOVE that quote!

    In regards to your comment on my blog I totally understand about embracing change. So many changes are happening in my life too and it can be a bit overwhelming! I know just how you feel!

  9. P.S Check out my lovelies page on my blog-you may just a find a certain little blog in there that I just ♥!

    1. Aw, you're too sweet! And I adore the quote in your comment. Thanks for sharing! :)

  10. okay, so what you said about understanding each other's insanity? it reminded me of this quote:
    “We’re all a little weird. And life is weird. And when we find someone
    whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall into
    mutually satisfying weirdness—and call it love.” -Robert Fulghum

    hehe, perfect, right?
    aaand, I just adore these kinds of friends. and I adore red hair. and one of my best friends just happens to have THE perfect red hair. seriously, it makes me jealous.
    lovely post and photos, m'dear! (: (:

  11. I love this. I feel the exact same way when with my friends. And the girl with the striped-shirt+shorts? Love her outfit!

  12. lovely post!! i'm like this, too, when i'm with my friends...crazy+snapping away(:

  13. What a blessing to have such kind friends. :) And I know what you mean - isn't it great to just be with people whom you love, they love you, and you all love Him? It's like kindred spirits. :)

    Adorable clothes. All of you. Too cute. :)


  14. beautiful photos! and i'm sure i'd understand your natural personality if i was there, that's part of what makes you YOU!
    you never fail to interest or amuse me, kimberley!
    you rock, sister in christ : )
    Holly <3

  15. love the 'epic jump shot' ! we all look like we're having fun in our own weird way....hehe.....and it was a lot of fun to be together.....

  16. Great post about your wonderful friends!!

  17. What a lovely time I had with you, dear. The pictures are lovely. Yes, you are my besty.. err, bestie (why does that look like beastie?). We are lovely beasties.

    Yes, I think we need to get together this weekend, too. And I'm absolutely serious. Even if it means just hanging at the beach or something. I really think we should.

    You are really an old dear. And that picture of me and (ehhmm, my butt) didn't turn out as bad as I thought it would. Of course all that goes to your photo taking credit. Oh yes, I'll try to get my photos out soon.


  18. HEHE!! Fun here we come! I always know we'll be up to some good laughs when we're together! X's and O's

  19. These are such fun pictures! Your blog is awesome! Following you! :)

  20. I love this, Kimberly! You are so sweet and I thank God for your friendship! This post made me super happy, 'cause I just love being with you guys and I also treasure all our adventures and moments together. That was such an amazing time. I also love how we can be insane together! And you were right: the leg picture is cool. Love you!

  21. Looove this post! Best friends are wonderful. :)


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