You see, lately...

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jacket: thrifted // shirt: jeans warehouse // jeans: delias


Staring at this blank page is becoming tiresome. I'll just write something to fill the space. It's pathetic, I know. It's just that my mind hasn't been the same lately. It's changing, just like life does everyday. It's queer to wake up every morning, unconsciously a different person from the day before. My thoughts always transforming, ever-so fickle.

My absence in the blogging world is mainly due to a strange form of writer's block which is arising. My mind wanders far away into daydreams more often then I believe is healthy. Simply ask Michael about this fearful degree of absent mindedness which has been taking me over.

Ah me, I will just keep hoping that inspiration (and a tad of productivity) will soon again flow through these veins. In the meantime, though, I'll just keep listening to this song.


  1. it must be warm where you are if you get to wear an outfit so springy and lovely as that one!
    and just so you know, leeland is my favorite. i love it so much. great post :))
    -jocee <3

  2. um, hello gorgeous! Where did you get that jacket? Can I steal it?

  3. I went through something that you're going through now a couple weeks ago. My lack of inspiration grew daily. But all of a sudden something sparked and so many ideas for pictures, so many words of meaning came to me. Maybe it'll do the same for you.
    Love the jacket, btw.


  4. I love the way this was written, are you sure you have writers block?? ;) ;)

    love, rosi

  5. Beautiful outfit!
    I understand your problem with lack of inspiration. It seems to come and go as it pleases; so annoying sometimes!


  6. I've been going through that too. Maybe, just maybe, I'm finally experiencing life, all for myself.

  7. As usual, your outfit is adorable. And the photos? Beautiful.

  8. hope your inspiration comes back, but in the meantime, keep reading the bible, praying and yes, listening to THAT song!
    lovely photos of you and your outfit, by the way : D

  9. I love your outfit! You're so beautiful. :)

  10. You are beautiful! Love your new short hair style. I cut my hair about your length too just last Sunday... Uncle Magnus did it and I trimmed the rest! Hahhaha!

    Hugs and Love, from Auntie J, M and R.. all of us in Oslo! :D


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