We Caught the Light

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hat: claires // shirt: calvin klein // camisole: walmart // belt: unknown // shorts: from malaysia // flats: camel active

I dug up an old hat which hadn't been worn for ages, a shirt my mom didn't want, and my brother's over sized belt and came up with this. Outfit posts are just too fun.

Before I dwell on being sick the past two days, let's think of pleasant things first. Mom gave me a lovely haircut during the weekend, Nathan is naturally settling back into college, Michael was kindly my photographer for the photoshoot above, and I received my first acceptance letter from a college yesterday.

Now, about being sick. Yes, it's wonderful. Waking up in the night with a gagging cough, the half-conscious sleepy feeling during the day, plugged sinuses, and constantly tasting and smelling phlegm (sorry, was that too much?). It's a bowl full of rainbows, to be sure.

Well, this is me standing up to you, Mr. Evil Cold. You're going to be kicked to the curb with some serious chicken soup.

Campbell's to be exact.


  1. you are gorgeous. Seriously.
    love this.

  2. I was just about to write "wow. you are gorgeous." and then I saw the above comment, so...
    I'm jealous of your sunny weather! I can't wait for spring :)

  3. so, you're really gorgeous. i mean, you have the kind of smile that people wish they had. really. love this. that hat is so adorable! :))
    -jocee <3

  4. KIMBERLY! Oh my goodness! I've missed you! I've been away from the blogger world for too long! AHH! Your hair! Your outfit! You! It's all completely adorable and gorgeous. Hope you're doing well, girl! ♥ :)

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  6. You're beautiful, sick or not, though I hope your immune system kicks whatever is plaguing you out.

    Congratulations on your college acceptance. :)

  7. mmm, love that light you caught. and your outfit! you are too pretty!
    congrats on the college :) and I hope you feel better soon!

  8. You are beautiful Kimberley! I heart your belt. :)

    Have a lovely day, xxx~Kelsey

  9. beautiful! Cute outfit too.

  10. You are beautiful and these photos are stunning! The light was captured so well.

    Congrats on your first acceptance letter and I hope you feel better soon!

  11. So stinking cute. I really wish I could be wearing something like this right now... :)
    p.s. Don't you love that 50mm?

  12. your outfits are gorgeous, and you are gorgeous. I hope you start feeling well dear! <3

  13. So pretty! And I love that hat! :D

  14. You are beautiful! I really love your hair, and the lighting in all of these photos is gorgeous! Congrats on getting your first acceptance letter! That must be exciting!! I hope you feel better soon. :)

  15. you are so pretty and that outfit istoo cute!!
    hope you get well soon!(:

  16. You are way way way too gorgeous! And the lighting matches the outfit's feel perfectly! Love the shirt and belt, you look so stinkin' cute!


  17. Very cute hair cut! Hope you feel better!

  18. You. Are. Stunning. Dear. Periods for emphasis. Wow, I love everything about these pictures. How on earth to you get them to look so perfect? Not fair at all. I love the outfit (the top, the hat(!), the belt. And I think I recognize those shoes...).

    Did your mom cut more bangs? It's adorable (as you can see I'm scrambling for adjectives not yet used by me or others already commented).

    I hope you feel and up to your perky, depressed, self quickly. Augh! Letter of acceptance. Eep! and awesome.

    P.S. do you not love the word verifications you have to type in? this one was nuchify. It's totally my new word, I just have to think up a meaning for it.

  19. Love your outfit! It must be warm where you live. :)


  20. Love the outfit! I'm pretty jealous that you are wearing shorts, while here in Iowa we are having 7 degree weather.

  21. so, you've heard it before. but let me reiterate in case it didn't get to you the first time:



    also, it's really crazy to see you in shorts and then look out the window here to see snow [finally] falling.


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