Our scone obession

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The scent of strawberry jam quaffed through the air. Scones with tea has become something of an obsession with my mom and I the past few weeks. It all happened when she received a bag of scone mix from a co-worker that we began this tea-time rampage. She's made three batches in total the past few days. I even believe we've both had scones for dinner a few times.

Since I can't take you through the baking process, I can take you through the eating process, can't I? If I had whipped cream, I would put a spoonful (or two, or three) on top to finish off the blissfulness of it, but sadly, whipped cream doesn't survive long in this house.

Don't forget your cup of tea.

P.S. The winner of the giveaway is Carli Nicole! Congratulations. Please email me to claim your prize.


  1. They look delish + your photos are to die for! I might have to pin one! ;)

  2. they look so good. can i have one?(:

  3. Ah! But no scone is complete without Devonshire cream! ....for me at least :) Top with wild raspberries and you're there.
    Your pictures make me so hungry! The lighting is divine as well. Is it just sunlight? Every time I shoot indoors it always comes out looking blue and cold. Maybe it's just where I live :)


  4. looks incredibly yummy Kimberly!
    First paragraph = beauty.

  5. Those look like they're to die for! I made some this morning- Cinnamon Roll SCONES actually and they. were. good.



  6. mommy and i do the same thing. whether it be scones or regular bread. it's strawberry jam and twinings earl grey tea. always. :))
    -jocee <3

  7. I have never had scones, but these look delicious :)

  8. Goodness! I just love scones, and these look perfectly scrumptious! My mama and I like to get cranberry orange scones on our trips to central market. So yummy:)

  9. You could totally be a professional food photographer. And the scones? They look absolutely heavenly.

    Aren't they sort of like a sweetened biscuit?

    Have a lovelt day, Kimberly!

  10. those look GLORIOUS.

    my pregnant brain now wants nothing but scones. <3

  11. any bread product is my fav! Yum yum

  12. that looks so good, kimberly!
    oh and congratulations to the winner though i was planning to win : )

  13. mmm! Those look scrumptious! =D

  14. Oh dear, and even worse, I'm hungry right now. Kimberly, I have a very serious question to ask you. Which setting do you usually use. I'm floundering on how you get the background so nice and aperture-y.

    I miss you. And I dearly hope you don't usually eat scones like that, it's too pretty to even eat.
    Love you,

  15. *screams into a pillow*

    i love scones! those look sooo delish. :)


    anna katherine


  16. Wow, I love these pictures! and yummm, now I'm hungry :)

  17. @Rebekah, your very serious questions deserves a very serious answer. The big, gigantic, very-secretive secret is that it's all the doing of my 50mm lens. That things works magic.

    Oh and sorry to disappoint, but I eat scones like that ALL the time. I'm a scone monster. ;)

    Lots o' love,


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