Missed Flight


I am getting better at saying goodbye to Nathan at the airport. After doing it about four times, the feelings aren't half so raw as they once were. However, for the first time ever, Nathan missed his flight off of Hawaii last night. Here are a few things I learned through this experience:

- Missing a flight is a much worse feeling then actually catching it and having to say mushy-gushy goodbyes. Much, much worse.

- Dads usually get very upset when things like that happen. Mom's stay relatively calm, though.

- It's fun to imagine what a person in a movie would do in this sort of experience. I can see Tom Hanks slamming his fist and screaming at the poor woman behind the counter, "What do you mean the door is closed and can't be opened! I need to get on that plane! Open the door now!"

- Even after everything is worked out and your brother does get a flight for the next evening without much monetary loss, sisters like me will still generally break down in tears because everything is just so stressful.

- God provides.

- After missing a flight, it becomes very easy to start wishing the person who was supposed to leave is actually gone even if you didn't want them to be gone in the first place.

- Don't, don't, don't think about college anymore. It will ruin your life.


  1. Oh, believe me, I know about missed flights. I have had some interesting experiences. But God always does provide.

    Oh my, I can totally see Tom Hanks doing that. I laughed thinking about it.


  2. ah, yes. I know how it feels to miss a flight

  3. oh dear!! that must've been so stressful. i missed a train once in London, it was a terrible, terrible feeling. i felt so awful that i quickly messaged my mom in Malaysia, who, as you mentioned about moms being calm in situations like these, just told me not to worry about it and get another ticket! easy. she made me feel instantly better.

    your last point made me giggle to myself. :p

    xx pam

  4. what up with older sibs missing their flights? Sarah spent 25+ hours in HNL before catching her flight to NC. Hope the rest of the flight for him was uneventful.

  5. Haha, that sounds awful. Sorry I don't mean to laugh, but it is rather awfully funny at the same time. Thankfully I've never had the experience of missing a flight, though my dad I'm sure has.

    And you cried? Poor Gertrude. Well, I hope dearly no grey hairs have cropped up from this experience.
    Love you,

  6. Ahhh, yes! I've never missed a flight before, but I've definitely been late for stuff. That's just another time in my life to trust Jesus. :) And I love what you said at the very end of this post, "Don't, don't, don't think about college anymore, it will ruin your life." I SO agree with that!!


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