meet my new lens.

Christmas has flown by with identical the swiftness of this past year. After all the strewn wrapping paper and boxes were thrown away and a delicious lunch was eaten up, the gifts were more closely examined and put to use. Did I mention my amazingly loving parents got me a 50mm lens? Oh yes.

Somehow this lens usually manages to transform normal afternoons into awesome photo shoot sessions with siblings. Constantly.

taken by Nathan
Oh, and those leisurely walks with friends? They also turn into never-ending photo shoots while meandering through. Every tree, rock, flower, and spot of delicious sunlight must be captured. As we ventured through a beautiful trail, each photo never ceased to dazzle me. The lighting, the depth, the color. Dear 50mm lens, I love you (and the lovely sun flares you create).

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Oh, and it's always a perk to have a beautiful friends who are willing to have their picture taken a bazillion times! I wish I could share more of the photographs; however, I have countless favorites from this particular trek and never wish to bore you.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas time with family and friends. Now, to usher in the New Year, with all of it's charm.

Oh, but do take your time, New Year. Rushing never helped anyone.


  1. Awesome! :D
    I'm planning on getting a 50mm lens for my camera soon, along with macro lens and a UV filter cap. ;) Should be an interesting experience. Have fun with your new lens!

  2. Lucky, lucky girl!! These pictures are SO beautiful. You're definitely talented and deserved the new lens :)

  3. Beautiful pictures Kimberly!

  4. Beautiful! You're so talented!!

  5. truly beautiful pictures, dear. may I ask, what kind of camera does your friend have? I saw a Nikon strap. (:

  6. Photo shoots with siblings are the best :) and wow-oh-wow, these pictures are gorgeous! this one might be my favorite.

  7. gorgeous lens! gorgeous pictures! Gorgeous you! I love that flare on your picture

  8. Beautiful pictures! What kind of camera do you have?

  9. @Katie, I believe my friend has a Nikon D5100. However, I may be wrong...I'll have to check.

    @Madison, my dear camera Perry is a Canon T3. He's pretty awesome. ;)

  10. the second photo is too cool. seriously.
    -jocee <3

  11. *swoon* <----<< yup. that pretty much explains it all. *smile*

    absolutely amazing.
    come stop for tea @ gracesgardenwalk.blogspot.com

  12. Amazing photographs! I use 50mm lens too, it,s definitely the best one, I can,t get over how gorgeous the bokeh is.

  13. Oh my stars! That photo of you is beautiful. I love it. :)

  14. beautiful, beautiful, beautiful photography!
    i'm dazzled by it all.
    it sounds like you had an amazing christmas. i did too...pretty much ; )

  15. Wow, the trail looks even more beautiful in the photos.....
    And the one of nathan,?, too cool! I love the lighting.....perfect!...

    Oh, and did I mention I feel like a movie star......?.......gulp, I think I can handle the awe. Especially with a friend who takes these fab photos of you....

  16. Ohmyy :) these pictures are so lovely. The lighting is like, spot-on. I like your new design, by the way!

  17. Hello Gertie, dear,
    Yay! I'm back. It's been an awful while and I've missed you a lot, but I have returned home like the prodigal son, and I think we must meet soon, preferably before both our college brothers leave again.

    Your pictures are so, so beautiful. I love the look of the new lens.. Wow, that present must have been a.... surprise. ;) And I love the new shirt (that's the one you wanted before, isn't it. Did Nathan get it for you?).

    The picture of you is stunning, I LOVE it. Back to guitar? Cool. Oh my gosh, don't you think Sarah's hair is just so cute. I love it. All your pictures are so, so, perfect. Just like you. It's annoying. :)

    Anyways, love you,

  18. @Becks,
    I know! And I'm so glad. Missed you bunches, too! Yes, we certainly must have a reunion before the big brothers leave again.

    And you're absoloutely right. Nathan did give me that shirt for Christmas (how did you know!?).

    Oh, and Sarah's new haircut IS just TOO adorable. I love it, too. Hah, look at you being so sweet. It's annoying. ;)

    Love you too,

  19. darling post!!! great shots! you play guitar?! cuuuuuute!!!!


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