Evening Walks

Christmas lights
Merry and Bright

Silnet Night

After dinner, once the last pots are washed and the table is wiped clean, my brother and I put on our slippers -- I grab Perry -- and we go on an evening walk. It's so much a part of daily routine that if we miss it, I don't feel quite complete at the end of the day.

The crisp, cold December wind blows in the evenings -- cold enough to make me scurry back to the house after stepping outdoors and snatch up a jacket before leaving. I am so glad that Christmas lights are now being strung on surrounding patios and doorsteps. In the occasional house, through dimy lit windows, the form of a Christmas tree can oftentimes be spotted, adorned with festive decorations. It makes our walks in the evenings even more special; the daytime does not permit such glittery Christmas-light bliss amidst the sun's blinding rays.

I snap away at unsuspecting houses. Their lights smile back at me.


  1. "Their lights smile back at me."

    Love that. Seeing all the Christmas lights everywhere makes me happy inside. That's so sweet that you and your brother take walks together. (:

  2. I love christmas lights at night! They light up towns so beautifully! One of my favorite things about the holiday season. :)


  3. Beautifully written darling. Bokeh is lovely. I'm in the process of summoning up enough courage to walk down my road and do the same. (:

  4. The last line sounds like something out of a love story. That's so beautiful. seriously. loved this. and bokeh is quite the enchantingness. great post :))
    -jocee <3

  5. I love that last sentance. You are a lovely writer. :)

    Bokeh is the best, isn't it? :)

  6. so lovely! i'm just learning how to capture bokeh; it's wonderful.(:

  7. like them a lot, first one and second to last r my favs. Hey it was 66* the other morning, and that's not counting the wind chill.

  8. your just like me! an evening walk is just the ticket to calm and end the day.....someday I hope to take my kids on evening walks....that's a big someday :)

    I love how you captured the lights! ......their so pretty

  9. Your pictures are so gorgeous, darling. And evening walks are always delightful (of course you have a bit more scope for the imagination on your walk).

    Haha, and chilly... Over there. Please. I'm kidding if you're cold that's completely acceptable. ;)

    How rude, it's never polite to take pictures without the house's permission. Remind me to never going on walks with camera's with you. ;)

  10. Beautiful pictures! I love bokeh. ;)


  11. in love with these bokeh shots! <3


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