Christmas Tree #2

It started with a phone call and a trailer full of Christmas trees. Real Christmas trees. Firstly, let me say that never in the history of our family have we have a real Christmas tree in our home. Therefore, it wasn't a matter of uncertainty on my part when friends called and offered to drop of a free Christmas tree, having managed to get a truck load full of them. Long story short: they dropped it off, and the next day we got to work.
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It took a deal of coaxing on my part in order for my parents to allow me to bring the piney smell of goodness into our house. You see, we've already got a Christmas tree. It's an artificial one, made of plastic and wire. It does very well, of course...but, you know.
So the next day my older brother and I chopped it nearly in half (the thing was gigantic) and I salvaged a few of the branches for wreathes and such. The lovely tree is currently adorning our bedroom (yippee! yippee! oh yeah...thanks, mom and dad), which means I get to smell it all night as it diffuses it's beautiful scent into the air.

Meet Mr. Chubby Tree. I admit, I prefer my chubby, real Christmas tree to our slender fake one. It has truly transformed my Christmas into something even more beautiful. I never dreamed a real Christmas tree would be brought to us this year (in all honesty, it's a miracle we could even fit it in our bedroom). But God always likes to surprise us, doesn't He? (Oh, and so do wonderful friends!).

So that's my biggest Christmas dream come true thus far. I hope you've had a few little wishes come true yourself! Have a warm, cuddly Christmas Eve, my friends. May we all together celebrate the birth of our Savior, thanking Him for the continual blessings is pours into our overflowing cups.


  1. to funny, I'm glad you got to use some of it. We got some in our room it it's very nice smelling. Infact I think every room in our house has some tree parts in it.

  2. Horray for piney tree smell!!!

    If we were crazy enough, we could have taken the tree up the mountain to the snow and done a photo shoot.......hehehe....

    But, a piney tree is the beautiful essence of christmas......

    not to mention it was a great time, with my sis, sneaking around in the dark, like some sticky bandits (sticky from all the sap that is.....)

  3. your pictures are absolutely lovely! :)

    yes, I too cannot resists the scent of pine, but we always have a fake tree. so this year I picked up some tree trimmings at a local tree farm. ;)

    Merry Christmas, Miss Kimberly!!!
    come stop for tea @ gracesgardenwalk.blogspot.com

  4. wonderful pictures. you have a really good eye! And have a wonderful Christmas!!!

    God bless you.

  5. Oh, how sweet! I love the smell of Christmas trees :)

    Ours is named Eve, but it was a close call between bringing home Eve or Porker, an exceptionally chubby tree.

    Merry Christmas! ♥

  6. Beautiful pictures! Merry Christmas, dear!

  7. I absolutely adore real Christmas trees! I wish they sold them in Korea. your pictures.. um beauuttiful :D Merry Christmas, just a little late!

  8. Ah, how did I miss this post? Such lovely photos, kimberly! I've always wanted a real tree.

  9. I can not get over how much i love this post, i think it's one of my favorite posts! I love those little wreaths you created, are you serious?!! PRECIOUS

  10. We used to have a fake Christmas tree, and it always smelled like mothballs cuz we kept it in the attic. :P
    But for the last few years we've had a real tree, and it's amazing!! The smell is wonderful!


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