Thanks Giving

I believe it is time for that list. The one where you talk about what you're thankful for. Yes, that one. When I just close my eyes and breathe, the list comes gradually. Things pile up, and soon I am whisked away by the realization that I am ridiculously, undeservedly blessed.

I am grateful for sweet breakfasts, and the way my brother and I laugh over the way I dive out of bed every morning (I sleep on the top bunk...) because our alarm clock drives me nuts and I nearly break my neck while scrambling down the side in order to stop the frantic ringing.

I am grateful for the inspiration that floods my mind whenever I come upon a beautiful blog or etsy store. There is no feeling like it. It's like finding a hidden treasure and then receiving countless ideas on photography and DIYs which satisfies my creative juices for days on end.

I am grateful for long skype chats with my older brother when we laugh at the stupidest things and share the most ridiculous stories. We make jokes about what it's going to be like when I go to college with him at the same campus (if I get accepted...) and he tells me how he's going to embarrass me and then I freak out and decide I'm not so sure about this. It's the best.
I am grateful for failed bokeh photographs because it means I'm trying, if nothing else.

I am grateful for the scarf I found in my mom's drawer which she bought in Romania. It is beautiful and I can't wait to show you all pictures of it soon.

I am grateful for the fuzzy feeling I get whenever I envision Christmas coming around the bend. The tree's lights, melodic carols, vanilla scented candles, brightly packaged presents, and good cheer. The remembering of an all-loving Savior -- it is oh-so sweet.

I am grateful that the future is not half so scary as it used to be, because of this thing called Peace floods me every now and again. And I am content.

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  1. I love your grateful heart for the little things... They become the best things in life

  2. I'm grateful for a God honoring, stunningly beautiful, wildly intelligent, and ceaselessy creative, little sister.

    Also for my not-so-little-bro

    Love you, fam!

  3. this is a wonderful post; your words just flowed beautifully.

  4. Like it...like it...like it a lot! Wow, and it must be good, as you even got ur bro to comment <3 I think you have to talk abt him more often. That raises the suspicion and makes check up on ur posts....hehehehe

  5. Beautiful post...and your so true...when ever i get the sad feeling that I'm missing out on something in life....I just start remembering how much I have been experiencing and given....and the list just gets longer and longer!!

    Of all the things I am thankful for....I think I am most thankfull for second chances....the second chance God gave me to accept His salvation...the second chance when you've gotten your sis mad...:) The second chance to do crazy things, like BlackFriday, with awesome friends....hehe

  6. Oh Gertie, I miss your lovely words. (Have you noticed I'm on a Gertie withdraw?)

    The way you string these words together, to invoke a deeper feeling, is pure genius-ness.
    Love you, m'dear.

  7. aww....this is so cute! I love all the "thankful" posts going around :)

  8. Christmas is my favorite time of year. I love the different, sweet smells, and the light-happy music. Everyone is in a great mood. The lights are so pretty...

    I could go on forever. hahaha! Great post!

    xoxo, hayley


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