Thanks Giving (part II)

Feather Earrings
IMG_9843 Driving Through

Honestly, I don't believe Thanksgiving is this week; nor do I believe Christmas is only a few weeks away; nor do I believe our Christmas tree is going up this week; nor do I believe I have already begun wrapping Christmas gifts. This has come too quickly. Days and weeks have gone too fast. 

This week I am so grateful for:

-Constantly running down the stairs to jump into the van and drive off some place about three times a day. To say the least, I am exhausted.

-God providing me with so many etsy sales. All miracles.

-A new friendship.

-Laughing so much that by the end of the day it hurt; and not wanting to laugh anymore because it became painful (mostly due to Michael's constant humor).

-Making feather earrings.

-Sewing a new tote bag (post coming soon).

-All you amazing blogging friends. You make this adventure so fun.

This year is closing, but so many things are just beginning. Lately I have just been repeating the words "God is good" over and over again. Because He is so good. So, so, so good. Wow.

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  1. the second and third ones. oh yeah :))
    -jocee <3

  2. Laughing till it hurts = such a good feeling in the end. I can't believe the holidays and the end of the year are coming so quickly either--it's crazy! But yes, God is so very very good. (:

  3. What just happened, I was trying to post the first comment. Had to sign into blogger, now 10 sec.s later there are 2 comments?

    Hahaha, oh well; God is good!!

    Thanksgiving break is making me so homesick. Can't wait to laugh with you all till my sides hurt.

    Love you All,
    Nathan Hanson

  4. God is good.
    I celebrate with you in Thanksgiving. You've been blessed

  5. love the pictures.....and the earrings!!! So, where did you get the feathers....collected from near your house???

    and yes, God is good....all the time....

  6. I so loved this. Beautiful pictures as always love; and the list is wonderful. I can't wait for Thanksgiving! (:

  7. And I love the pictures, AND the feather earrings. They are gorgeous. As are you.

    Haha, I love the picture of you dad.
    I hope to see you soon.

  8. do you know from what bird those spotted feathers are from? My pair has them too and just trying to figure it out. Black Friday ad's are coming out today and tomorrow...are you on the look out for anything?

  9. @Sarah and Ellie, sorry I didn't answer your questions sooner about the feathers! I bought them at Ace Hardware. It was a whole packet of them for around $4. I believe they are guinea feathers.

    @Becki, yes, that picture of my dad is rather amusing. :) And yes, I hope to see you soonsoonsoon.

  10. Gosh, yes the days are going by way too fast! Thanksgiving flew by and I haven't even posted about it. Christmas is what, 25 days away now?! Crazy.


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