The past few days have been different. Well, you know those days that just begin horrible? The ones where you simply cannot focus on school because your brain isn't working correctly (probably because you haven't gotten enough sleep the whole week and are getting delusional)? The ones where your daydream and daydream and daydream and never get anything done, then feel like slamming your head against a cement wall to wake up from the ridiculously lazy feeling you are sinking into? Or the day when you realize your lost something you really, really needed and wanted and cherished and then feel like doing the above stated slamming all over again?

Alright, you get my point. The past few days were slightly icky. 

Yesterday I lost a memory card with pictures on it that I really wanted. It contained dozens of pictures, including ones from the 'afore stated flammkuchen adventure I talked about and wanted to write a post on. Now the only photo of that cooking experience that remains is located in that blog post. Honestly, the pictures on that memory card weren't that great, but it's just the fact that the reason I lost that memory card yesterday is completely and utterly all my fault for being so messy.

Sorry for ranting; I'll end here. The moral of the story? I have already begun organizing my ridiculous piles of fabric, jewelry supplies, and schoolbooks.

That's mostly bad news, so how about I talk about some good news.

Like how today I got a day off of school and our family took a nice trip to Hilo, a town about two hours away. It's sort of a family tradition of ours to drop by there every few months, and this trip, for me, was extra special. We woke up early, and the first part of the drive was filled with sleeping and silence. Then, after picking up some take out food and consuming it ravenously, Michael and I finally came to life and began acting like ourselves. The rest of the way there I talked my head off, laughed until I cried, and received anxious looks from Michael when I acted like a maniac -- yes, it was a good drive. We did not listen to music the whole way, but that's okay because Michael and I are pretty good substitutes. We reminisced past favorite songs and sang nearly every song in Leeland's first album, laughing when we messed up and happily surprised when we hit the same notes and cadences simultaneously.

It was wonderful to get away from school and other distractions and just have time to talk and laugh and live. Despite all of the bad moments in a week, I am so grateful that it's the good ones I usually remember.

Rather then attempt to explain any further, I made a video for you all to enjoy.

It's my first attempt at a film with Perry, so please excuse the out-of-focus and amateur scenes, please.

P.S. Thank you so much for all of the sweet comments on my recent posts! Let's just say comments make me ridiculously happy.


  1. This video made me so homesick.
    I remember living for Hilo trips every summer and winter break!!

    Hilo trip when I get back.
    Love and Miss you family!!

    P.S. Perry is outright amazing for video capture too!

  2. Nathan, a Hilo trip it is. Sorry for making you homesick! I can't wait to see you in a few weeks, though! It will also be the first time you and Perry meet. ;)

  3. You are so cute!! ;)
    This is such a lovely post. More videos soon; this one was really nice! the landscape is so pretty.

  4. That stinks that you lost all those pictures... but the road trip sounded super fun! I loved the video and all the beautiful landscapes. God is so good. :)

    xoxo, hayley

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  6. yes, i know what kind of days you're talking about!
    glad ya'll had a fun time.(:

  7. ehh, sorry the first part of your week was not so great. that's never fun. ;p
    but your roadtrip looks amazing. you're adorable. loved your video and ahh what great views you have!

  8. Girl! You are always taking days off school!!! lucky........

    Great shots, even though it is home, sometimes when it comes on the internet it's cooler!

    ok Sarah, back to work.....

  9. hey kimberly! it's ur favorite time of the week!(if there isn't too much of a time difference between PA and where u live!)

  10. cute vid, Kim!
    I'm sorry you lost your memory card, I know how tough that is (I lost one with my Europe pictures on it). But that video totally cheers one up

  11. It's so cool to be able to see a little bit of Hawaii in video - a little closer to real life! Please make more!

    Love, Pam


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