Pesto Pasta

My family doesn't really enjoy a dish of pasta. My mom would rather have an Asian delicacy and my father prefers a hunk of steak. I, for some odd reason no one can justify, love spaghetti and lasagna and alfredo sauce. Yesterday, I decided to treat myself to a healthy, filling lunch and boiled some noodles, mixed in some pesto, chopped a few tomatoes, tossed it all together and enjoyed a hearty plate of pesto pasta.

One could say I am in love with good food a little too much.



School is constantly in my thoughts. You know what? I have finally begun to enjoy the school year again. The fact that I actually want to learn things and turn myself into an educated being is the only things that spurs me forward. There are rough days -- the ones where I feel like burning my Physics book and scattering the ashes in frenzied glee. Then there are they days I study for an hour and am happy about it. So I would say school and I have a love-hate relationship.

However, as I said, it's getting better. We are learning to tolerate one another.

I have a pile of homework waiting for me, crying out. I must answer the call.

Oh, but before I go, be sure to remember I have a surprise for you all on Friday, so be sure to stop by.


  1. this looks so yummy! and i feel the same about school. the exact same way. can't wait to see the surprise (:

  2. me too!!! I love surprises.....

    is that whole-wheat pasta? Looks ono!

  3. yummy! and yay for surprises! can't wait:)

  4. looks oh so good.
    me and school have the same tendencies too. :)
    ...and can't wait for the surprise! ;)

  5. oh, yum. can I have some? ;)
    I'm in physics too...at my school, it's also known as physucks.
    can't wait for the surprise :)

  6. Oh yes, that pasta looks fantastic. :) I myself have a burning love for pasta. In fact, I'm eating some right now!

    xoxo, Hayley

  7. @Sarah, no it's just normal pasta. The pesto must make it look a bit darker then it truly is. ;)

  8. can't wait for the surprise! (this is the only blog i follow regularly!)

  9. Italian is soooo my palate. Pasta is amazing, and your pesto creation looks amazing, and now I'm hungry. ;)

  10. Great. Now I'm hungry. ( =

    Loved this post ( as always).


  11. I love pasta too. That looks yummy! <3


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