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Anyone who can write is a writer. Somewhere inside me throbs a writer. At times that side of me bursts forth, but usually it is forgotten about, pushed aside. The passion for writing within me is a very fickle flame. I am not just talking about writing on this blog or journaling, though. I am talking about writing stories. Inventing characters, themes, moral points, and settings. My favorite part is probably forming my characters and the main twists in the story, which are probably the most memorable parts of most novels.

Lately, I have been noticing my passion for writing usually ignites because of two particular situations: 1) when I am inspired by delving into deep thought about my stories or 2) when I read or watch something that causes me to turn melancholy and pensive.

The latter is the most effective. It is probably because books are the first things which ever made me desire to write in the first place. The winding plot of a Bronte novel, the comical characters molded by Dickens, or the satirical comedy of social customs in Austen. All inspire me and cause me to think, "Can't I do that? I want to do that. I must try."


I want to make that character that people love or the one that people despise. The character that actually seems like a real person. When a character feels something, you feel it when you read it, and are able to empathize in a special way with each person. You become their best friend, pity them, feel glory with them. A rather morbid side does usually make it's way onto the pages when I write certain stories, because my favorite part of a story is not the "happily ever after." It is the afflictions, tears, and melancholy days. When I read a story, and it is able to change my mood. It is able to cause me to feel the pain, the ache that fills a characters heart, I am in love. In love with the story, the character, the writing style.

I can't say I have been writing very much lately, but I have been thinking about writing. During a particularly melancholy evening, as I scribbled notes and examined exactly what I desire to achieve when I write stories, I finally came to the conclusion with this sentence:

"If I can feel something, then cause a character to feel something, and write it and cause a reader to feel something, I have accomplished what my goal through writing is: to make someone feel."

PostScript: More pictures of a particularly epic photoshoot are coming up soon. The shots above are a sneak peek!


  1. you just perfectly described the way I feel about writing. that was beautiful.


  2. love the pics.....and yes it was epic!!

    .....can't wait!

  3. I could relate to each word.

    As for the pictures? I want to see more :D

  4. So lovely, and completely true! :)

  5. This is lovely. You should write stories, Kimberly. They would be wonderful.

  6. this is *Exactly* what i do. i was watching the notebook last night, and i saw that at the very beginning of the story noah just walked up to allie and said "you wanna dance with me?" and of course she said no. and then i thought that with their differences and likes and dislikes, there's something else that could happen, in a whole different world, a different story, written by me.
    this was such a beautiful post. love. :))
    -jocee <3

  7. First of all, with those photos: you have got to be kidding me. Could there be anything more epic and beautiful? I cannot wait to see more. (:

    Also, I totally agree with your thoughts on writing. I get inspired by the same things (and those melancholy and thoughtful moods are the best). That also means I tend to focus on the melancholy when I write, but I like it that way, honestly.

    (not to say that I write so very often--just every once in awhile when the muses decide to visit me. :])

    And emotion + relatability + feeling = most important part of any writing, I think. Oh, and good choice with Bronte, Dickens, and Austen, I must say. ♥

  8. When I saw the photos I though, "Really Kimberly? Why are you going back to stock photos? I know they're pretty and inspiring, but it's so .... --- WHAT!! You took those!!"

    Hahaha! Now I'll actually read your post, Love you all


  9. Yes, it's rather funny because I was thinking the exact same thing about writing last night as I washed dishes. I was thinking how us writers, well, we can empathize with most people, because, the job of writing is to put yourself in the place of the character and feel each pain and joy they feel.

    And so at least for myself, I start putting myself in people situations.

    The melancholy parts of stories are always the best to read.

    The pictures are gorgeous (I love the blue sky and red, beautiful).
    Thank you for inspiration, dear.

  10. This is a fantastic blog post, and describes how I feel about any kind of writing. I haven't tried to write any stories since I was younger, but it's crossed my mind more than a few times lately, and I think your quote at the end of this post may have just pushed me over the edge.

  11. hmmmm, I think I only had that feeling after coming home from Rwanda. I wish it happened more often...the writing and going there. :) Pics are awesome, wish I could have done it with you. Heard abt the cop...that was HILARIOUS! Cow ponds, couches, flowers; what other road thing will we get involved with next....

  12. I AM a writer, so I can totally relate. I like how you put it here..
    .1) when I am inspired by delving into deep thought about my stories or 2) when I read or watch something that causes me to turn melancholy and pensive.

    well said, and thank you!! WRITE WRITE, keep writing!


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