A Series of Tangents

I don't like expectations. Actually, I am realizing I dislike expectation in any form. Sometimes (okay, a lot of the time) I put expectations on people or situations, while at other times I feel people put them on me.

There is this little gulf I would like to reach in life, where the expectations I have for scenarios are washed away. Where I can look past my selfish wants and see things more simply. In life I have had many disappointments, many crushed hopes because I had self-centered expectation.

Sometimes it scares me how many lies I believe in. They spring up from all corners of the world, and enter my mind through subtle channels. They are lies that anything other then Jesus can give me true happiness. They say if I can only reach a certain level in life I will be joyful, when the reality is if He is not with me every step of the way, the goals I reach are fruitless and distasteful.

Many, many wonderful things have been happening in my life as of late, and I find the things that happen are not the sweetest part of it all, but the fact that my Savior is right by my side through it all, showing me the beauty of His love and the goodness of His promises along the way.

Life has been so hectic and busy for me lately, I often forget that. I love how He reminds me, though. All the time. Daily, hourly.

 Alright, I go off on tangents all the time. Most of my blog posts are simply tangents I get pulled away into. Let the tangents begin.

Now-a-days, there's not a day that goes by that I don't start up a few crafty projects. I usually paint my nails weird colors, and I like to try out neat designs. On youtube, I found an easy tutorial on how to do "newspaper nails." All you need is to paint your nails white and let it dry. Then you wet pieces of newspaper with rubbing alcohol and press the words onto your nails. Once it's done, paint a shiny top coat over it all, and wah-la! Cute nails!

(Though my nails at little battered and chipped because it's been a few days.)

On Sunday we went to the beach. Although I had intentions of taking many pictures, I recoiled from the impulse to after musing over salty spray getting on dear Perry. I don't have the correct lens cleaner right now, so I would rather not chance getting salt all over my camera just yet.

Still, I had a fun time snorkeling and diving for shells. It's been far too long since I last indulged in a nice, salty swim.

The beach is so beautiful. I love nature and the beauty it inspires.

The warm, undulating sunlight on the grass, the earthy smell of rain, the design of a seashell, the smell of a flower -- all little miracles. They are beautiful, admirable. Still, it is more fulfilling to look past creation, and marvel at the Creator. Not to confine my eyes to the ground, but lift them up to the heavens. God created all those things for us to enjoy, but they also point me back to Him, and say, "Look, isn't this beautiful? And wonderfully made by an all-loving, all-powerful God?"


  1. i loved this post.

    so refreshing. :)

  2. My mum said once, "Live with no expectations." It's pretty true, isn't it? We tend to complicate things. Aha, my teacher was telling us "what he expected of us" and I really, really, reallyyy wanted to to ask him if he could, "Live with no expectations," but... he's not really the type to hear that and smile and say, "Yeah, sure!" :P

    What a beautiful-looking beach spot. And the newspaper nails thing is SO cool! Thanks for sharing it!:D

  3. lovely post, i can completely relate. love the photos as well <3

  4. Perry dosn't like going to the beach!!! he told me.....You need to get a protective lenses from Lighthouse Camera...for a couple bucks...then it protects the lenses....from everything, including salt spray......poor perry!!! though I must say I've done it a couple times to Nikki....ooppps....

  5. This is so lovely! I just put your letter into the mail, by the way.

    Oh and the new design is gorgeous!

  6. Oh this is just beautiful! I love the beach photos..sounds wonderful! So happy to have found your blog! :)

  7. I completely relate to your post. Your pictures are wonderful.


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