Reminiscing Past Days

This past week was such a blur, I honestly don't even want to try to piece it together. All I know is that I baked a lot, cooked a lot, thought a lot, read a lot, and somehow shoved school in between all those activities. My mind was for some reason, fixed in a state of melancholy most days. I cannot help but reason it was because of a particularly solemn book whose leaves I have been devouring; if you have ever read a Bronte book, you know my sentiments exactly. The words somehow pierce a secret part of the heart -- fill it with some sort of a weighty burden which cannot be quenched by anything but time.

If you are wondering what book it is, I will tell you: The Tenant of Wildfell Hall by Anne Bronte. Coincidentally, I am also watching the movie Jane Eyre this moment. When it arrived in the mail today, I was delighted, to say the least.

The past few weeks I had been nurturing some very skinny bean plants. Surprisingly, they actually produced over ten beans (which is quite impressive, seeing that I only grew a few plants and they were confined in a very sad sort pot). However, this past week I have neglected them so pitifully that they are withering away. The soil around their stalks is cracked and dry: a small dessert wilderness for ants to crawl through and then quickly escape from.

Another thing I have been sadly neglecting is music. I am not sure I ever mentioned this, but I play the guitar. I have known how to strum this instrument for nearly five years, but the past few months I have not been learning anything new. My knowledge in the world of music has not grown, and I usually play the same two songs everyday just because I usually can't resist picking up my guitar whenever it catches my eye. However, I cannot stand this stagnant state of things any longer.

This weekend, I believe I shall finally resolve to learn to play something new.

On Tuesday, I did something very unlike me and made a rash trip to Kona with my younger brother who obviously coaxed me into it. We looked up movies playing and since there was something PG with some pretty hilarious people in it, we went to watch it on a whim. One of the reasons this particular trip goes so against my usual patterns of things is because 1) I usually never go out on weekdays to watch movies and 2) I usually despise driving anywhere even though I do possess a driver's license.

Despite those qualms, I had a wonderful time acting juvenile with Michael, who so kindly snapped these pictures upon request. I never wear sunglasses, but for this picture, I made an exception.

You will probably see a post soon about me making flammkuchen. It was quite the adventure, and I will say no more in order to keep you in suspense of what's to come.

Now, for a bit of news. I have finally decided to take a break from the computer and internet this weekend. I shall call it my weekend mantra, just as Carlotta did a few weeks ago. It is about time I took a nice, long, two-day break from the online world.

I shall spend all my free time catching up on school, reading, taking pictures, hopefully going to the beach, writing, applying to colleges (eep!), and lulling around with family.

I know how terribly you all will miss me (okay, never mind); but you can check out my guest post over at She Smiles, She Writes to content yourself while I am absent. Don't be bashful; share some love at that wonderful blog. It's truly a favorite of mine, and I was so glad when asked to contribute to the lovely "lady lessons series."

Have a great weekend! I know I shall.


  1. I just recently took my little brother out on a sister/brother date. We went to a few different stores and I bought him some fun stuff and then I took him out for dinner and ice cream. We had a lot of fun! ;)

    A wonderful weekend!


  2. i love your blog so much. every time i come here, i am greeted with the most stunning words and beautiful images.

    those bean pictures are glorious.

  3. I can't wait to be able to drive so I can do things like that with my sibling (twelve year old sister). You look exactly like my cousin in that sixth picture! Well, goodbye my friend. I await your return :)

  4. I hope next week will be a little better for you. I wish I could have a big sister who takes me out for fun! Oh well. God bless!

  5. Beautiful words, and I agree on everything. Except maybe music, because I've been having to play music at least every week for my class, and now the Pahala workshop coming up so I'm trying to prepare for that (I will have a lot to tell you after that, I'm sure).

    As I said in the email, I really know how you feel about reading. It's weird I kinda got when reading this book by Louisa May Alcott, that she wrote under a pseudonym, it was really just depressing but for no good reason. Ugh.

    As always I love your pictures, and dare I ask what movie you guys watched?

    Congratulations on the internet free weekend. ;)

  6. We shall await your arrival with hearts beating.....for we know that you will return and awaken our senses with perspective....:)

  7. @Rebekah, yes, you must tell me all about your Pahala workshop! :) And more about that weird story by Alcott. It sounds fascinating.

    You certainly may ask what movie we watched. It's called The Big Year. Honestly, it was pretty anti-climatical; still, it was better then watching some lame PG-13 movie. Haha.


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