Polo Tan Paint

It is finally done. My dad and I bought the can of "polo tan" colored paint a few weeks ago, and on Wednesday it was finally applied to the walls of my bedroom. Surprisingly, it was the first time I have ever taken on the challenge of painting my room, and I found myself sadly inexperienced with a roller. Who knew it could be so difficult to make it soak up paint? Thank goodness I have a dad who's had countless experiences with construction and painting. With him leading the way, it turned out to be a very educational experience; and though I made many mistakes and smeared paint in a lot of places it oughtn't to have been smeared, it was splendidly fun; and I may proudly say I had the privilidge of painting the last wall completely unassisted.

The old, uninteresting color our room used to be (a light blue that looks almost white) drove me mad because of it's uncertain state. Blue or white, blue or white? I could not stand it's indefinite shade. Now our room is a nice, bold tan which almost appears to almost have a coral-pink hue in different lighting.

No, I did not paint the wall with that brush! Gee, that would have taken a long while. Sadly, it was hard for me to snap as many pictures as I would like because my dad and I were constantly working. Honestly, I am glad to have captured the few I do have, seeing how slim my chances were of getting any.

Let's just say my dad is not the type of person who likes to dilly-dally around when a job is to be done.

There were many fun memories made that long afternoon. I am so grateful to have a father who is willing to put up with all of my impulsive ideas and even assist me with them.

However, now I must start working on the room decor! If all goes well, I shall slowly begin to add glass bottles, seashells, and white picture frames into the mix. I really hope it actually happens. Well, at least I know what to put on my Christmas list, right?

Is it just us, or do other people make start making Christmas lists this early? Just the other day, Michael handed me his Christmas list for this year (one index card full) and asked me to make mine. He even said, "Make sure to put a lot on it so you don't know what I get you." We have started doing that the past few years to make sure we get each other things we actually want.

I can recall one Christmas when I bought Nathan a pencil sharpener and pencils because I didn't know what to get him. At least he is an understanding older brother!

I cut up an old pair of jeans a few weeks ago and threw on my favorite Marks and Spencers striped shirt today. In the desert town we live in, we actually got a bit of a shower in the afternoon which brought crisp, cold air with it. The earthy smell after the rain always makes me happy and want tea and chocolate. Thus the reason I am presently muching away at a box of milk chocolate. The tea will proceed soon after.

My hair is quite long, no? It is so heavy now, and I cannot stand the way it falls all over my face whenever I wash the dishes or do homework. However, I shall have to put up with a it for another month or two before I finally chop it all off.

About three years ago, I snipped my hair (which was about as long as it is now) to about the length of my shoulders and donated it to Locks of Love. Ever since then, I have wanted to do it again. It's a wonderful feeling to go from long hair to feeling bald in a few moments (or mabe I am just weird); but the feeling of being able to bless a person with a wig is an even more amazing feeling.

When I finally do cut my hair, I like to imagine I will look like a new person; and a very interesting blog post will probably ensue.


  1. My dad likes to help out with my projects as well, we need to be grateful for them! The color looks really good on the walls.. My room was recently renovated as well. I can't wait to see the finished room with the decor and such.
    It will also be interesting to see you with short hair! I'm saving for long hair but it's growing so slowly T_T I'm looking forward to your next post :)

  2. this is amazing. I really like your heart.

  3. You're a couple of months ahead of my sister and I -- we'll design our new room, too, woot! And may we please borrow some inspiration from your designs... once you post? :D

  4. ah, your blog address "love is the thing with wings" is so glamorous. was it inspired by emily dickenson's "hope is the thing with feathers" poem?

  5. Wow! The room looks completly changed!!! It is an awesome color that commands respect....great job. And I understand too, the dad part that is......

    ps. my momma really loved the color...what is it?

  6. btw...the profile picture is ahhhhsome.....

  7. @Emii, sure you can! Best of luck with designing. It's so much fun!

    @Sheean, I forget exactly how I came up with my blog's URL, but that poem by Emily Dickinson may have influenced me. Sadly, it's been so long I can't recall.

    @Sarah, I am glad you like the color! Well, we bought the paint at Lowes and it's called "polo tan." Michael took the new profile picture for me! Haha. ;)

  8. I love that paint color! If I could have, I would have come painted with you -- it would've been fun :) Your hair IS so long! How short will you get it cut/chopped?!

  9. I just wanted to let you know that I am having several giveaways going on my blog right now until the 15th.



  10. Looks like you had fun painting your room! I painted my room last summer; I didn't expect it to be such a big job! But it looks like you'll have fun decorating yours now.(:


  11. @MaryRachel, I will probably cut my hair to about shoulder length. Possibly a little above the shoulders even.

  12. 1. your outfits are gorgeous.
    2. your paint color is gorgeous.
    3. your new design is gorgeous.
    4. you're gorgeous.

  13. Haha, yes, I cannot wait till, we cut our hair. It shall be awesome. And I will feel like I'm trying way too hard, but I shall love it.

    Haha, I seriously laughed out loud (haha, never lol) when I read the part about your dad. It's sounds just like my dad.

    The paint looks beautiful. And I want to say how beautiful you are, even though you must know it, and get it from a lot of (not-so) secret admirers. hehe.

  14. @Rebekah, yes, yes, when we cut our hair. So exciting!

    And don't make me get started on how beautiful you are or I fear this comment will be far longer then is convenient!

  15. Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog, Kimberly! I really like your blog, too! :)

  16. Your room looks great! You're so pretty! I love your long hair. :) I donated my hair just recently to locks of love! I know the feeling, I actually lost two pounds!! haha :)

  17. @Tessa, aw, thanks! It's so neat you recently donated your hair. I wouldn't doubt that I might loose two pounds as well. Hair is heavy! Haha.


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