New Shoes

It's Friday evening, my favorite evening of the week. It's the evening I have no worries, knowing that I can sleep in tomorrow and wake up without my first thought being, "oh dear, look I slept in. great. better pop in that first school video before the day turns into a disaster." No no no, none of that. Just pure bliss, as I wake up, blink, and then snuggle deeper into the cushions, enjoying the peace of Saturday mornings. I get to listen to the murmuring of people in the kitchen and sniff the smell of eggs and toast.

Tomorrow will be wonderful; but today was a good day, too. It started by being rudely awakened by a ringing alarm clock, proceeded by jumping out of bed and quickly burying myself in the couch to "slowly" wake up and procrastinate starting school. Yes, I just can't help myself sometimes.

The cool dude above is Michael, my younger brother. After finishing a bit o' school, we went into town and stopped by Wendy's and enjoyed a frosty and some fries after, guess what? Thrifting! It is one of my newest delights. The racks of clothes, shelves of vases, overflowing hooks with purses, piles of books, and so on. I never thought I would love it, but after being exposed to etsy and the wonders of vintage, I couldn't help it. There are so many things I find hidden away in those nooks that I wouldn't find anywhere else. And did I mention the prices? Three dollars? That's what I'm talking about!

Today as I scoured the shelves for a pair of shoes, I found the exact pair I had been dreaming of. It was precisely what I wanted, and they were almost brand-new looking. Oh, and they fit perfectly. Perfectly. When I first saw them I though, "Oh dear, they look too narrow! I won't be able to fit -- but I might as well try." Then, when my foot slid in magically and disappeared into the shoe. Pure happiness. I like to think they were made for me. Afterwards, I just smiled inside and thought, "Wow, God, you really know how to amaze me, don't you?"

You will most certainly be seeing more pictures of these wonderfuls later.

Yes, I love that stripped shirt. It's my favorite. Hm, I just realized that everything from this outfit except my dress is from Malaysia. The shoes, the belt, the shirt. It appears that I did more shopping while we were visting then I initially thought.

Oh, and the yogurt? It asked me to take a picture of it, of course. Why else would I snap a few shots of it in a windowsill next to a pile of books?

Well, time for me to stop typing away and head off. I look forward to waking up tomorrow, realizing it's the weekend, and snoozing a bit more.

I hope you all have a wonderful Saturday morning, too.


  1. Absolutely LOVE the shoes you found! I need to do more thrifting I think. :)

  2. Love those shoes;)
    and your outfit is, uh, amazing.

  3. *swoons* I just LOVE new shoes! Those are ADORABLE! Love your outfit, your pretty cute yourself=)

  4. Ooh la laah, I love your outfit! And those shoes are darling, too...it's always wonderful when it's like God hands you something you've been wanting on a platter just to make you happy. (:

  5. Those shoes are amazing! Aren't thrift stores the best? And your outfit, my dear, is "gawgeous!"

    -Abi :)

  6. I'm a thrifter!...a chronic one. It's soo addicting!

  7. so cute! looks like an awesome day!
    have I ever told you how much I love your blog design? because every time I click over here, it makes me smile.

  8. Hey, dear, of course I love the pictures and I really, really can't wait until we get together again. We should definitely go to another movie. Sometime. Soon.

    Anyways, be in for a surprise. ;) You will be happy. Love the shoes. And the outfit. Ahhh.... Love.

    Thank you. And CAN'T wait till see you. (I've been wanting to get together for a while).

  9. @Rebekah, yesyesyes, we need to see each other soon! I miss you girls. Oh, and a surprise you say? I am already happy thinking about it. Haha.

    I trust we shall meet soon! Oh, and I received your letter. A response will be on the way soon!

  10. Nice! Excited to see you wear the new pair of shoes. They look awesome!

  11. Thanks for your sweet comment :) Your blog is gorgeous, as well!! I saw your blog the other day and then when I came here again, I was trying to figure out where I saw you before, then I saw you guest posted on she smiles, she writes. :) Those newspaper nails below are so cool!!!


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