My Sunday Ramble

Sunday afternoon. Church was finished, lunch had been made and devoured. Our family lazed around the house. Someone was watching television, another on the computer, another reading, another studying. All relaxing.

Finally, the time of relaxation had reached it's end. Muscles needed to be stretched, fresh air must be inhaled. I preferred salty air.

So we went. The sun was hidden behind clouds, the sky was slightly pink, but would not succumb to the color completely. We rediscovered an old nook and traversed the spotted shoreline. The crackle of coral and rock was heard with each footstep; silhouettes of boats were on the horizon. The air was balmy: the place almost desolate.

Water gently lapped the rocks. The sky could be seen in the waters. We took pictures, we laughed, we talked. Fresh air and conversation did us good.

I stumbled through photography and found myself in dire need of practice. While attempting to keep my camera in the aperture setting, I made many a fax pas in the DSLR world. Aperture was too low for the landscape shots, and didn't even attempt any macro pictures.

However, I know I shall return to this spot again; we already planning a day, when Nathan comes back from college. A picnic of some sort. Or an afternoon ramble. Just to return, and take more pictures, and enjoy the dalmatian shoreline and salty air.

We stopped by a shopping area and took some pictures, but did not enter very many stores because of the price tags. Still, I enjoyed window shopping and meandering through the pretty setting.

 These are my favorite people. My parents.


  1. The first two pictures of you are gorgeous! The landscape looks absolutely lovely.

  2. Oh I love the picture of your dad and mom looking at each other!!! That is priceless, and so real.....great job!

  3. Love all these.
    Hawaii...I want to visit you someday...
    I agree with Sarah! Love the pictures of your parents:)

  4. Ditto-love the one of your parents!!!! I'm jealous...your writing makes me wanna go to the beach too :)

  5. love those beach pictures, and then that one of your parents.

    beautiful <3

  6. you are SO beautiful, kimberly. this looks lovely. ♥

  7. Those first to pictures are just stunning - you're so pretty :) It looks like so much fun - wish I could have tagged along!

  8. This post is so beautifully written, Kimberly! I love the photos, and the first two of you are so darn pretty! :)

  9. You are SO gorgeous Kimberly! That juice bar looks like a fun place!

  10. My favourite post! :) You are all looking wonderful.

  11. Love the pictures and the little insight into your day.

    Hey, a letter for you is on it's way along with a (finished) version of my story which should also arrive soon. It really, really needs to be edited but I told you as soon as I wrote those last words, I would send it. So there it goes.

    P.S. did Michael die? Or did you guys leave him at home? ;P

  12. P.s......I just voted! Great shot, and I hope that you win!!! I love photo challanges....though I am not brave enough to enter any more right now......i guess i'm a poor loser...:0 hehehehe

  13. @Rebekah, yay! I eagerly await your letter and story. Oh, and Michael stayed home of his own free will. The beach doesn't usually appeal to him.

    @Sarah, aw thanks! Yeah, I enetered three and it can be very competitive because there are so many amazing photographers out there. You have some beautiful pictures, though! So don't give up. :)

  14. I can't get over your parents. They are so precious. Especially your mom! You're the perfect mix and I'm loving it

  15. Hi. I'm Audrey. And your blog is neat. You're a pretty neat girl/lady, aren't you. :) I thought I'd leave a comment and just say so. Is it okay if I keep looking trough your blog? I know I'm a complete starnger, but really, I'm not a creep. :D
    You can check out my blog too if you like, but you don't have to.
    I find you inspiring and you are very lucky to live by the sea and your parents are cute. :D
    ~Audrey (at www.paisleytears.blogspot.com )


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