DIY Wall Decor

After painting my room, I immediately wanted to spray paint all of my picture frames white and hang them back up. However, a sad impediment arose when I discovered we only had one barely-filled can of spray paint. Therefore, I was only able to spray one frame when the whistling sound of air began emitting from the can and no paint followed.

Despite that, I decided to share what I am (one day) going to fill all my frames with.

Step one: Find a frame you want to use and paint it if you like. Then take a silly picture framing your face with it.

Step two: Dig up some of your parents old photo albums or use any vintage pictures you have. I am fortunate that my parents have quite a few albums filled with black and white or sepia toned photographs.

Step three: Select as many as you want to use, and if you are anything like me, it will take you a long time before you get to the next step because you will be flipping through all the albums and analyzing each photo curiously.

Step four: Arrange them accordingly and secure them.

Step five: Assemble your frame and place it on the wall wherever suits you best. Then enjoy.

Of course, you may do as many picture frames as you like. I, however, am going to wait until I am able to spray paint the rest of my frames white before I hang them. You see, I have sort of fallen in love with white picture frames. And seashells.

Happy Sunday.


  1. This is such a cute idea!! And I love the white frames too. (:

  2. I love this idea! :) Old photos are the best!

  3. love this! I love white frames too:)

  4. That is a super cool idea! I do love black and white photos too...

  5. That's a fantastic idea! It looks great too. :)

  6. Love the idea, so creative! I want to decorate my room some more as well but I don't know what with :'D this is a pretty good idea though!

  7. Cute idea! I love the face-in-the-frame picture. :)

  8. the third picture to the right on the top.....is that your dad....what an intense look.....love the idea.....I've gotten into lockets and old pictures....though of course you know that.....seeing as you spent a better part of your time looking for one in the grass....hehehe

  9. LOL @ "Dig up some of your parents old photo albums or use any vintage pictures you have!" I remembered my parents with their pics and I found myself laughing out loud. Haha! But the final results look really good. And it matched the light-colored wall!


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