Black and White

My tag most certainly is sticking out of the back of my shirt; and that's okay, because everyday things aren't perfect. Sometimes (actually a lot of the time) my makeup smears, my clothes don't match, and my attitude isn't ideal. Days can feel incomplete and thoughts can wander away and become generally pessimistic.

Still, I am His daughter, a child of a King. He says that He loves me; and at the end of the day, the year, my life, that's all that ever will matter. 


  1. such a simple post. and yet so powerful and beautiful.

    well done, love.

  2. these are so pretty. Your hair is freakishly long; and beautiful!

  3. Ok, I love this post. Humanity meets God in a nutshell.

    I still can't get over how cute your mom is. I kinda sorta would like to keep her.

    p.s. you have beautiful long hair

  4. Those little "peace--hope--joy" hearts are so adorable. And I don't even know what they are. ;) Also, your hair is plain and simple gorgeous.

    Hmm, I loved your words. So simply put, so true. We fail, and still our Savior loves us. Incredible. ♥

  5. I love this post, and I especially love the picture of you hair because I know that after 12th of this month, I (and we) shall be free to cut our hair.

    I think we should do this monumental event together, don't you?

    Anyways love the pictures as always (I'm very hurt that you have gone completely professional with your pictures and left me in the dust).

    I have been wishing we could get together sooner.

  6. Beautiful photos Kimberly! And you are so right about the make-up smudging, oy, happens to me all the time. :)

    Have a lovely day! xxxx~Kelsey

  7. My dear, you have such gorgeous hair! "Days can feel incomplete and thoughts can wander away and become generally pessimistic." Yes! Great post.

  8. I love these pictures! Black&White is beginning to grow on me. :)

  9. simply beautiful post, kimberly!


  10. Wow! Micheal is growing up! I mean, I know that b/w is a grown up style....but his looks are changing!

    Great post.....and your hair IS soooooo long!!! Wow, it must be longer then Ellie now?.....ps, don't tell her I said that :)

  11. very cute post!!! Garsh darn'et I wish we coulda cut our har toget'er. Oh well....we'll have a go at it next time

  12. @Jennoelle, those hearts are made from curled paper and I glued them onto a card. Haha. Sorry for not explaining it in the post.

    @Rebekah, yes we most certainly need to cut our hair together and document it thorougly. Like a picture every five seconds. :)

    @Sarah, yes, I know, Michael is looking a lot older now-a-days!

    @Ellie, aw, I wish we could have, too! Next time we should definitely try to do it all together.

  13. you're a giveaway winner!


    scroll to the bottom of this post for information! <3

  14. It's wonderful to see you following our King :) I hope you have a wonderful day with Him!

  15. I just loved this post!
    Getting ready to email you. :)

  16. I love this post. Your photos are beautiful, and your your reflections on our Savior's love even more so.

    I have been reading your blog for a few months now, and this is my first comment...I'm sorry!

    Oh, and I just thought I'd say you are so blessed to live in Hawaii. Both my parents have been ( my papa actually lived there for half a year when he was little), and I look forward to someday when I'll go, too. Anyhow. You are blessed!

    Your blog is so inspiring...definitely a favorite of mine.

    This comment IS too long...but I suppose I'm making up for lost time. ( =

    Love in Christ,

  17. I am so excited to come across your blog! You are gorgeous and I just love your pictures!



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