Newspaper Craft

Newspapers. Most of us get them, read them, throw them away. What a waste of all that wonderful paper! In our house, we do not have a newspaper delivered or even buy them, for that fact. However, occasionally we get our town's paper in the mailbox, whereat I skim the classified and then toss it away.

Since I have lately been trying to find a few cute up-cycled projects to decorate my room with, I decided to try out a neat little craft I saw. Sadly, I forget just where exactly I saw this project (lately I have been skimming sites like crazy and read about a million craft DIYs a day, so I tend to forget most of them). It's fun and easy and who doesn't love to up-cycle?

All you need is a few newspapers, ribbon (or twine, I couldn't find any..), scissors, and some tape or a glue gun. I started by cutting random heart sizes out of the newspapers.

After cutting out enough hearts, I taped each heart to the ribbon, spacing them about two inches apart. I intended to glue them on with hot glue, but since I would rather try one out twine later, I made a temporary one with tape.

You can hang it on your door, closet, or walls. I plan on cover my whole closet door with these. I love them because it's easier then fabric bunting but just as cute.



  1. creative way to put old newspaper to good use, love it (:

  2. What a fabulous idea! I think I shall try that...

  3. That's a great idea! I wonder what other newspaper crafts you could do..hmm..

    North Meets South

  4. that fourth picture is so christmasy, it makes me all smiles inside :)

  5. Oh my word...LOVE!! I am SO doing this in my room!! I LOVE newspaper-y stuff...so vintage and chic looking :)


  6. Wow, you little creative bugger (in the british sense of course ;)). I'm so jealous of your ingeniousness. It's so cute.
    P.S. can't wait till.... ;;)

  7. this is very cool. I love how clear all the pics are too. Thanks for joining the EBT.

  8. how cute- and i love your blog title- so simple, so sweet, so catchy!!

    it's a pleasure to meet you, dear.

    xo flor

    perhaps you'll vist me sometime?

  9. Lovely idea, lovely blog! found you through pretty lady....happily following!


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