Hello Weekend

The text in this photo was inspired by whitney's sweet blog.

For the rest of this year, I have made a little pact with myself to not buy any clothes needlessly; I believe if I said I made the rule of not buying any clothes at all, my little scheme would become unrealistic and soon dissolve away. Therefore, by only buying clothes unless absolutely necessary or by thrifting and finding unbearably good deals, I am retraining myself from the practice of clothes shopping.

Today as my mother and I graced the aisles in macy's, I talked to the clothes while passing (people may have thought me crazy, but that's besides the point). Upon spotting an absolutely darling dress, I cried, "I do not need that adorably cute floral dress," or "I do not want that ridiculously cute orange jacket!"

I find that not buying clothes is a good thing, though. It not only makes me feel as though I am saving money (which I really ought to do these days...) but leaves my mind free to think and do other things besides shopping -- like bake! Friday I went on a baking mania and made chicken puffs for dinner, lemon bars for dessert, and peanut butter balls dipped in chocolate for a snack.

If you were wondering, they are divine; I am currently enjoying a morsel of one with a cup of tea heavily flavored with cream. Let me skip over the part that they are from a box mix, because that would ruin the romanticism of the 'afore stated lemon bars.

Even if it does destroy the ambiance of it all just a wee bit, they are still deliciousness in my eyes.

(Note: my name does appear around the bottom right of the picture above; I was messing around with watermakrs -- it didn't really work out).

My little windowsill is officially my newest bookshelf; I have a pile of my favorite reads and books which I ought to read right next to me before dozing off to dream land; they are in my reach, and so is my nighttime neck-flashlight (the handiest thing! you just wrap it around your neck and whalah, a reading light!) so before sleeping, I usually am reading away at a snippet of a story.

All this reading has inspired me to finally start writing again! I am very excited, seeing that it feels like a year or two since I really began writing a new story. It's quite shameful. So my most recent novel is inspired by L.M. Montgomery and being fashion after her writing style since I don't truly have my own yet; as easy as it might sound, I am finding that copying another author's writing style is not a piece of cake. More like a chewy steak. Still, I am enjoying twisting my story around my little finger and molding the most captivating people I can create.

It is reminding me of how much I love and miss writing stories. There's a charm in it all; it's a vain attempt to inspire people through words just as so many others have inspired me.

Jewelry has also constantly been in my thoughts as of late. I find myself staring at photos, descriptions, and pricing on etsy mindlessly every day; trying to get ideas, of course.

I also find myself postponing the opening date of my shop repeatedly; it is alright, though, because I am not going to open the shop until I am completely and utterly, mentally and physically able to start it (that's a mouthful). Until I am prepared in every possible way so that nothing can possibly overwhelm me.
Yes, as you can see, I simply must obsess over every single detail, re-read, and re-analyze things about twenty times each just to be satisfied.
Well, at least I am having fun dreaming about it along the way; sometimes the idea of certain things is much more sweet them it actually coming to reality.

So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable, and then, when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable.

-Christopher Reeves

EDIT: Since today is such a monumental one in our country's history, I could not ignore that fact. May we all take a moment to remember and pray for our country and the families and lives which are forever changed because of what happened ten years ago.


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  2. those lemon bars look simply delish, my friend :)

  3. Oooh, I absolutely adore anything with lemon in it. I am sure that lemon bars would be right up my alley too! Yum! Love the photos as well. They are very clean yet beautiful.

    Happy Monday!


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