Happy Lists

Ignore my penmanship and the distracting background. This list replaced my old one, which was getting dreary to look at since it waited for days to be fulfilled and never was. If you can't read my (ugly) writing, it says:

To-do List

1. Laugh really hard
2. Hug someone
3. Dance like a maniac

Maybe I am beginning to take my to-do lists to the next level. No more, "write English paper, study for history quiz" nonsense. Time to write a new breed of lists. Happy lists.

I suppose this will be my commemoration to simple posts. When I used to be able to download one picture, paste it, and be happy with it.

Wee for short posts.


  1. i love short posts.

    i have trouble writing them.

  2. :)
    This post made me smile.
    Nodding my head in agreement with Rachel.

  3. That is so awesome! Once again yo have been an inspiration to me. I'm so going to make that! :)
    And #1 is always on my list. ;)
    Have a lovely day! xxxx~Kelsey

    such a kool idea!

  5. Hey there! Love your blog, it's very sweet.:)
    Great to-do list...It's hard to write a to-do list that doesn't consist of chores and things of the like.

  6. Yes! That list is much better than the "clean up the house, wash laundy, cook dinner" ones. I like it! :)

    ♥: http://dreamsthroughmyeyes.blogspot.com

  7. your blog is full of such beautiful photos, and i really love your list! great perspective to have, that's for sure :)

  8. It's the simple things that make people the happiest and most fulfilled! Great list! Remember to do them everyday!


  9. Love the list, I should make one myself(:
    p.s.- how did you put the black line between the posts and sidebar? i'd love to do that, but have no time to mess around with it/:
    thanks love (:

  10. @Katie, I'm afraid I forget exactly how I did it (it's been a while..), but I know I got the answer from blogger help. Um, I think I might have used the info. from this link: http://www.google.com/support/forum/p/blogger/thread?tid=2bd97a9ba10e4afd&hl=en

    Hope that helps! If not, there are a lot of other answers on there, so you may need to search to find the right one for your HTML.

    Good luck! :)

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