Food and a Vlog

Somehow tomatoes have become a novelty to me. I enjoy slicing one up for lunch and just eating it like I would any other fruit, enjoying it's juicy texture and slightly acidic flavor. Of course, homegrown tomatoes simply cannot be beat, but I am contenting myself with store bought for the present.

If you were wondering, yes, I have been taking pictures of food as of late. I have been sprucing up the meals I partake of, and and then force them to pose for me before they are gruesomely devoured. There is something I realize more and more about food through the years: I love food.

When I was younger, I would eat out of necessity; I didn't care if it was a hot dog or a filet mignon; I would eat it. Now, I do not just eat; I taste, critique, and wallow in the flavors. Food is certainly a blessing from God, with the variety of vegetables, meats, grains, fruits, etc. He has created for us.

One of my favorite things to do is look up a new, fresh, delicious-looking recipe and create-away in our kitchen, combining the ingredients and then enjoying the smell almost as much as the taste when it is cooking or baking to perfection. Obviously, not all come out perfect or taste perfect, but that's the adventure of cooking, right?

Finally, we have reached the surprise of the day: my first vlog! I will not elaborate on it, since I will end up using words like "embarrassing" and "awkward."

So I shall leave the video to do the talking.

p.s. Sorry for rolling my eyes so much (it was probably because I was nervous); and can I just say how overjoyed I am that it is Friday? Squeal.


  1. i wish i could take pictures of food. i don't do a good job.

    gorgeous, though!

  2. I'm definitely squealing and dancing for Friday! A long weekend is just what I needed! xoxo

  3. I love your photos, Kimberly! Their so simple and elegant, and the lighting is to die for. Seriously. All my indoor shots come out blue and cold-looking, and filtering doesn't usually help. But, oh well.

    I'm so glad you found my blog because I am really loving yours!


  4. p.s. And you're adorable. Loved your vlog :)

  5. @Gwyn, thank you! My indoor photos don't come out very nice either; I usually take food or clothing into natural sunlight in order to get the ideal lighting.

  6. Such sweet (tasty?) and simple photos! You're so cute ~ I liked your vlog :) I didn't know you live in Hawaii! That's pretty cool.

  7. Wow sista!!!! Your sooooo high tech!!!! Love ya, see ya soon.........

  8. i'm falling in like with this blog, can you tell? you are awfully down to earth, natural, and friendly and a whole heard of other positive adjectives. (!)


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